Techniche 2014 sets a new level for Tech-festivals

Techniche’14 Day 3

The 16th edition of Annual Techno-Management festival of IIT Guwahati, Techniche’14 successfully concluded on Sunday, 7th September. The 3 days of Techniche were packed with tech-management competitions, workshops, fun events and entertaining pro nites.

Techniche 2014 Day 3

Bots clashing during Robotcalypse

One of the main attractions of Techniche, the Robotics module garnered over thousand participants across its various events. The events this year ranged from precision involving competitions like Breakout, Robocalypse requiring brute force and a National Robotics Challenge, Escalade.

The Predefined competitions, receiving similar participations, offered general competitions like Junkyard wars, RC mania and department specific competitions like Electrifying buzz . The corporate module too offered a wide range of competitions from Best manager, Stratagem, Tour De India in association with Incredible India and many other events.

Techniche 2014 Day 3

Ping Pong Ball Shooter

The Start-up Showcase, with Start-up Village, Kochi as Mentor, provided a platform for college students, who want to be a job providers rather than job seekers, to exhibit their ideas and get support from investors.

The prominent businessmen and investors who case as judges to the events provided valuable insights to participants about various opportunities in the business world and how to be successful in it.

Techniche 2014 Day 3

Marten Pieters, CEO of Vodafone India, during Industrial Conclave

The 16th edition also marked the launch of literary module for the first time. The Model United Nations and Spell Bee competition organized under it provided an opportunity for the students of North East to get a taste of the world class competitions. As in every edition, the Lecture Series of Techniche came up with one of the best speaker line-ups.

The speakers of this edition included The missile woman of India Tessy Thomas, Eurpean Space Agency Astronaut Christer Fuglesang, one of the leading authors of Chemistry Text books Peter Atkins, to name a few.

The Industrial Conclave organized this time had prominent speakers like Marten Pieters CEO of Vodafone India as well as workshops by various Executive training companies of business world. The Mains of Technothlon, the International School Championship, was also conducted during Techniche. The students who came for the Mains also got opportunities to attend special lectures for them by Lecture Series speakers.

After every hectic day, the Nites of Techniche entertained and energized the crowd. After the sunset, the Nites included DJ night on Day0, stand-up comedy by Kanan Gill and Drum circle on Day 1 , performance of Indian Ocean band on Day 2 and  ending with singer Jonita Gandhi on Day 3.

Techniche’14 provided the students of North East with tough competitions to horn their skills, learning experience through workshops & speakers and gain valuable insights about the opportunities ahead in their futures. Techniche 14’s endeavour was supported from the beginning till the end by its partner Kaysonseducation. Techniche’14 thanks Kaysonseducation for its support during all phases of Techniche.

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Techniche’14 reaches its zenith on Day 2 – IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati Techniche’14 on Day 2

The second day at Techniche, the annual techno management festival of IIT Guwahati carried on the excitement and fun of Day one and pumped up to its zenith. The day witnessed the final rounds of many events , eloquent speeches from literary events and ended with a classical performance by the India ocean band at night.

Techniche 2014 IIT Guwahati

One of the bots in Robocalypse

The morning was filled with excitement for the Sweden-India Nobel Memorial Quiz organized by the Embassy of Sweden. The quiz, with more than 200 participants, offered the winners a paid trip to Sweden or an internship opportunity for 3rd year college students. The heat was also brought up by the Robocalypse final rounds.

The players , learning their weaknesses and others strength, modified their robots and came up with new tactics to beat the opponents. The final rounds of most of the other robotics events were also organized on Day2 leaving Escalade and Technosia finals to Day3.

The Day 2 initiative event was Platform 101, where the participants came up with new ideas and innovations to improve environment which included efficient transportation, waste management, methods to reduce agricultural chemicals and many other ideas. The events like Bermuda triangle, Cryptography and Easel of Predef module also came a conclusion on IIT Guwahati – Techniche’s day2 .

The industrial conclave started with a great note under  Marten Pieters, MD & CEO of Vodafone India.  His lecture was followed by Vinita Bali, the ex-CEO and MD of Britannia Industries, and workshop by Swapnil Kamat CEO of Work Better India and a training consultant  for some of India’s largest  firms   including   HDFC Bank.

Techniche 2014

Christer Fuglesang during lecture series

The Chief Guest of the Day 2Lecture series was Christer Fuglesang, astronaut of European Space Agency. The corporate Module had Tour De India and Start-up Showcase competitions for the day. The Start-ups got an opportunity to have a networking lunch with the management gurus and other corporate heads attending the festival.

Techniche 2014

BMX cycle stunts

By evening many of the workshops had come to an end. The face of the participants revealed their satisfaction for the workshops, especially those on swarm robotics, ethical hacking and eye robotics.

The cool climate in the evening motivated the visitors to have fun at the sumo wrestling, Velcro wall, paintball and many other fun events under Funniche module.

The Nite was reserved for the much awaited performance of Indian Ocean .Their fusion music was enjoyed by the students, visitors and the faculty members of IIT Guwahati and brought a successful conclusion to a day full of excitement.

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Techniche offers delight for students from North-east

The first day at Techniche, the annual techno management festival of IIT Guwahati has filled the audience and participants from various colleges in Northeast and nationwide with lots of fun and rich experience in technology and management related events. The day started with various events like Workshops, Lecture series, exhibitions and finished with nites and drum circle show.

Techniche 2014

Robokick Competition, part of Robotic Module

In the morning, there were the nationwide prelims of Escalade, a pole climbing robotics competition where students from 12 cities all over the nation participated to test their robotics temperament.

From Guwahati and adjacent areas, there were 50 teams out of which 6 teams were selected for the final round. This was followed by exhibitions by The Northeast frontier railway. In parallel, the first rounds of Junkyard wars & Techscribe and the prelims of Bermuda Triangle under Predef module occurred.

The events are team based and require proper planning and coordination between the team mates. The Best Manager and Case study competitions were offered by Corporate Module on Day1. The participants, fully clad in Business attire, were trying to impress the judges and outsmart their peers.

Techniche 2014

Dr Kota Harinarayana during Lecture Series

The Day1 lecture series line-up included Bikas Sinha the Homi Babha Chair Professor, Kota Harinarayan the father of India’s Tejas programme and Peter Atkins, the author of well-known series of Chemistry books. There were greeted by a full auditorium and from their part , they shared the deep knowledge in their fields and inspired listeners to work for a better India. Quoting the words of Dr. Kota Harinarayana,

“ In 1840, India had 16% and USA had 2% of World GDP and in 1980 India had 3% and USA 22%. Innovation and willingness to take risk will always be the key. “

The industrial Conclave too showed a strong line-up with Arun Iyer(National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas) , Geetu Verma(Executive Director-Foods, Hindustan Unilever) and workshop by Sanjay Mehta (Joint CEO, Social Wavelength).

Techniche 2014

Model United Nations

The Literary Module, being organized for the first time in Techniche, started the day with MUN and Spell Bee competition. The flagship event of literary module, Model United Nation witnessed heated debates by delegates representing different country on the Tehran Convention and in the General Assembly.

The evening marked the start of Robocalypse, the robot fighting competition. The clash of the metals produced much awe among the audiences and gave indications as to what is reserved for Day2. The smile on face of the participants at the end of the day showed the hard work they had put for their respective events and the success they got from it.

                The Day1 nite of Techniche started with a stimulating Drum circle performance. It was followed by the performance of Stand-up comedian, Kanan Gill, who brought in the much needed humour at the end of a fast paced day. Overall the Day1 of Techniche provided the participants a platform to measure the output of their hard work and also to know the level of their peers and gear up for the main rounds on Day 2 and 3.

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Techniche festival kick-starts in IIT Guwahati

The sixteenth edition of the annual techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati-Techniche is back with a bang anda greater zeal and enthusiasm. Enthusiasts poured in from different areas of the country to witness this grandeur and a celebration of technology. Students came from over 180 different colleges all over India.

Techniche 2014

Sand Art at Institute Auditorium

The event started with an opening ceremony in the institute auditorium which was decorated by all the dignitaries of IIT Guwahati. Speaking of the importance of such activities in students’ life, the Director said “Such events foster overall development of the students. Apart from their regular workload, it is great to spend some time to enrich their technical and competitive skills on a national platform. This would be a huge benefit for the students of North-east”.

There are many challenging events lined up for the rest of four days and he urged all the college students to pour into IIT Guwahati campus to witness and be a part of this technical extravaganza.

Techniche 2014

Following this was the rock-on concert by the VH1 group which bought in the much needed enthusiasm to keep up for the rest of the days. Liquid drumming was the other event where performers showed their expertise in the fields of drumming and rock bands.

Sand painting was the best amongst the events where the audience were nothing less than exhilarated to have witnessed such grandeur of events. The main aim of the events is toTechniche 2014 enrich the people of northeast with both fun and technology. They bring a new perspective to college.

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Techniche encourages innovation through Robotics

Robotics-IIT GuwahatiCome September and it’s time for us to witness a technical overdose in the form of TECHNICHE the annual techno management fest of IIT GUWAHATI. Started fifteen years ago in 1999,techniche was conceptualized with an aim to motivate the youth of our nation to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres. It has stayed true to its vision since; and from its humble beginnings. Techniche now revels in being one of the premier techno-management festivals of the nation.

From 4th of September to 7th the fest takes you to the best of technical and cultural marvels as well as honing the new aspiring minds that are to become the future of the nation. With major attractions like Lecture series, Industrial conclave, Technothlon the international school championship, Predefined competitions , Robotics, Online events being introduced for the first time, this Techniche promises to be the best in 16 years. The most participated and attractive module of this event is Robotics, the breath and soul of modern day technology.

With up to 3,50,000 INR at stake as prize money, the competition is all set to rock the minds of all tech enthusiasts over the nation and will give an opportunity to showcase their talents and absorb knowledge through one of the best techno-management festivals around.

There are both manual and autonomous events in the competition:

 Robotics-IIT Guwahati


Taijitu War: Inspired from the popular Japanese culture with Yin and Yang, meaning destroyer and creator, the aim is to make your own place, protect it from destroying and at the same time and also destroy others’ area. The final survivor wins.

Robokick: Getting right into the mood of the coming football fever, this event will check the football skills of your robot. Participants have to design single robot that can both kick the football into others’ goal post and at the same time be a good goalkeeper.

Robocalypse: To design a robot which can immobilize the opponent’s robot. Your robot has to be strong enough to stand amongst others which try to put yours down.


Breakout: To design a line following robot that can follow a line and perform a desired task. The task is to construct a line following robot and do the given jobs in the foreplay.

Hue Down: To design a robot that can do image processing and perform specific task. Design an autonomous bot that uses image processing to locate the block of different colors and to put the block in respective color zone.

And then, there is the Prelims round of Escalade, an all India robotics championship which extracts the best of possibilities for a pole climbing robot and tests the real temperament of a robotics developer.

All the events would be conducted in IIT Guwahati campus and accommodation would be provided to all the participants. The participants have to make their own bots and purchase all the necessary items themselves. The event is well supported by, a very useful site for college students.

To register for this event, please visit our website:

The participants may also contact organizer Sudheer Kumar for further queries at 08473994859 or mail at .

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Workshops, Techniche 2014

IIT Guwahati with Kaysons

IIT Guwahati’s techno-management festival brings to the ever inquisitive minds of north-east India, an assorted platter of workshops during the first weekend of September. This time, like every year, the students would have a chance to get exposed to some of the leading technologies which can be witnessed in India.

Techniche 2014 has 9 workshops on offer. Also for the first time in the north- east we will witness KUKA’s creme de la creme of the industrial world.

Techniche 2014 has 9 workshops on offer. They include Swarm Robotics, BiPed, EyeBotics for the robotics aficionados. For the computer geeks, Techniche has Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking & Cyber Forensics and the all-time favourite Android workshop. And off the beaten path, if you wish to make that perfect CV or if you wish to learn the nitty-gritties of securing an internship, Techniche has Twenty19’s internship workshop. Also for the first time in the north- east we will witness KUKA’s creme de la creme of the industrial world.


The Agilus KR-6 robot in action in a workshop of its own. Also, Techniche gives you a rare chance in a workshop wherein a vehicle would be taken down to bits, and every part of it explained.

Being a part of such workshops would enrich students in the best way possible. The certificates which would be provided after the successful completion of the workshop would be an added bonus.

These workshops range from one day to all the three days. The participation fees vary from workshop to workshop but lie between INR 1000 to INR 1500. Eager students will have to register for the limited seats beforehand.

All the details regarding these workshops could be found by under the workshops tab. For any queries, interested participants should reach out to Ajay Kumar(9085596511), Ameya Sawant(8473995729), Anuj Khare(9085594556).

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Aryabhatta known as father of Algebra

algebra with kaysonsThe introduction to this name Aryabhatta came to us students as early as when we were made aware of the basic numerals, including zero, one to ten. There have been several references to his intelligence and visionary approach with which he mastered concepts of mathematics and astronomy. He has o his credit creation of three major works but presently only one, that is, Aryabhatiya remains. The others seem to have extinct in the vast space of time or lost its existence from the expansive and all consuming time.

The book ‘Aryabhatiya’ explains deftly the Hindu mathematics existing in his own time, which is believed to be the period when Chandra Gupta ruled India and it also came to be known as the Golden period of India.

‘Aryabhatiya’ and ‘Aryabhatta’

This astronomical book has an extensive mathematics detailing, and concerns with an explanation of concepts whichalgebra with Aryabhatta include algebra, arithmetic, plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry. It also explains advance mathematics and quadratic equations in addition to the value of the symbol Pi which Aryabhatta gave accurately up to two points. His contribution to algebra and in very accurate explanation of Solar and Lunar eclipses has become an inspiration to mathematicians all around the world. His calculations are used even today and the Hindu calendar or Panchangam is still worked on Aryabhatta calendar equations. The use of this figure zero has never exactly been found as being used by Aryabhatta in his works but Georges Ifrah, a French mathematician has argued in favour that Aryabhatta’s place value system shows implicit hints that he was not unknown to zero and its use. This is proved especially when Bhatta uses null coefficients as place holder for powers of tens in his place value system. His works show that he did not employ Brahmi numerals and instead used letters of alphabet for the denotation of numbers, this only being a continuation to the Sanskrutik tradition as followed from the Vedic times.

Algebra with Aryabhatta at kaysonsThere has been attached to his name itself various speculations and his existence being found a long time ago there are no sufficient and satisfactory proofs which can corroborate to his birth place or physical features. The visions as well as excellent astronomical discoveries and explanations which Aryabhatta gave has made him memorable and established his name in time. Every student, mathematician and astronomer is aware of his contributions and discoveries which remain a treasure for every Indian heart and makes India a name to be reckoned with respect all around the world.

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