Must Read topics for JEE Mains

Important topics for JEE Mains

Though the disparities and limbo still exists for some students that took the JEE Mains and Advanced this year, the IIT Joint Admission Board has decided to keep the same format for JEE Mains 2014. If you are planning to sit for JEE 2014, it is essential to start studying immediately so that you can cover your complete course. Additionally, you will need to keep enough time to revise properly so that you are prepared for it completely.


But before that it is essential to understand and know the major topics that you need to study. Here is a complied list of main topics in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry that need careful consideration so that you can schedule a time table to cover them all in detail.

Important Topics for JEE Mains

Important Topics for JEE Mains


Limits, differentiability and Continuity

3-Dimensional coordinate geometry

Circles and conics



Quadratic equations


Indefinite and definite integrals

Complex numbers



Binomial Theorems

Logarithmic and Exponential series

Cartesian coordinates and Straight line



System of particles

Rotational mechanics

Mechanical waves


Current and electricity




Magnetism and effect on current

AC and EM Waves

Modern physics

Work, power and energy


Newton’s Law and Friction



 Atomic structure

State of matter



Chemical thermodynamics

Surface chemistry


Coordination compounds


Ionic and chemical Equilibrium

Nuclear chemistry


Organic chemistry- Functional group 2 and 3

Transition Elements

Chemical Kinetics


Apart from these main topics, you need to study the complete 12th class course as the marks in your board exam now hold far greater importance than even before. Due to normalization of board exam marks, students have to be within the top 20 percentile of their specific boards to be able to qualify apart from clearing the IIT Advanced to be able to get admission in any IIT across India. That is why, it is essential not to neglect your NCERT books when studying for IIT entrance exams. Additionally, the NCERT books have comprehensive course for chemistry so don’t miss studying it completely.


Start with a proper schedule and complete each topic well before you start on the next. With video lectures and online support, studying for JEE sitting right at home has become easier. Kaysons Education has over 300 hours of recorded lectures to help you with JEE preparation.


Though your life might seem like only studying for 10-12 hours a day, keep yourself motivated because when you get admission to an IIT, you are made for life.

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