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Video lectures

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24*7, covering complete syllabus for JEE preparation.

Online Support

Practice over 30000+ questions starting from basic level to JEE advance level.

Live Doubt Clearing Session

Ask your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our experts.

National Mock Tests

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.

Organized Learning

Proper planning to complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in JEE.

Test Series/Daily assignments

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.


Kaysons Questions bank is the only online IIT JEE question bank to have Ofline Doubt Clearing |Live Doubt Clearing along with question practicing and test series

30000 JEE Questions with Solutions and Live Doubt clearing.

Kaysons Education provides you with the best IIT JEE questions practicing platform. Covering maximum type of questions including Single choice, Multiple answers, comprehensive and Interger type questions. Our analysis section help you find out topics you are weak in. You can ask doubts against the solution of questions as well.

Go beyond Normal Practicing Get Colaborative learning

You discuss questions with friends. Now you can do that with a community of over 25000 students. who have asked over 80000 doubts against 30000 questions at Kaysons Education.
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Biggest Question Bank Over 30,000 Questions along with Solution, Single Choice - 8,000, Comprehensive Type - 7,000, Multiple Choice - 8,000, Integer Type - 7,000

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Unlimited Doubt Clearing Over 80000 doubts asked against 30000 solution by over 25000 students.

Yes you can view them ALL!

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Live Doubts SolvingAsk your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our JEE experts.

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Progress Report Report like,Topics you are weak in, maximum question practiced, Maximum Marks getter, Correct questions practiced helps you compare you performance with other students

Type of Questions we Offer to Practice for IIT JEE

There are 4 type of questions asked in JEE, Kaysons Education is the only IIT JEE question practicing platform to provide all 4 type of questions
  • 1

    Here you have to select single answer out of multiple Options

  • 2

    Here you have to select Single or Multiple Option

  • 3

    unseen passages in which the questions are asked from the given paragraph

  • 4

    Simplify the equation and Answer should be from 0 to 9.99


Importance of test series for JEE Entrance exam


JEE Main is an examination that is known for rigorously testing the problem-solving aptitudes of the students and thus it is not just enough to watch IIT JEE Video Lectures and make notes out of it. It is equally important to revise the Study Material for JEE Main keeping the IIT JEE syllabus alongside and the best form of revision is simulating the actual test-taking scenarios. This sets a rhythm for the students and helps in fine-tuning their speed of attempting the examination. The exams when properly calibrated helps the student understand the exam patterns and prepare for it accordingly. Kaysons DLP course for IIT JEE contains IIT JEE Test Series that includes 104 chapter, 19 unit and 10 full syllabus test series. The tests come with full-fledged solutions and doubt clearance facilities. There are National Tests alongside these tests as well. Kaysons IIT JEE Test Series also contains Daily Assignments and Make Me IITian question practising platforms for students performing exceptionally well.

Boost your Performance in JEE


The performance of the student also helps in measuring the expected rank. This can be very useful for the student to assess the weak and strong zones and hence, enabling them to work on these. The DLP Course for IIT JEE is designed to allow for course completion twice before the actual examination and the IIT JEE Test Series takes a similar approach while imparting its methodology. Such extensive preparation can greatly enhance the approach of the students and giving them a competitive edge. At Kaysons, the experts come together to modify these test series based on the IIT JEE Syllabus while keeping in mind the weightage factor. The questions are carefully selected to test the aspirant thoroughly against what they have learnt through the Study Material for JEE Main.

Achieve Good Results with Proper Time Management


As much as JEE Main is about in-depth knowledge in certain subjects, it is equally important to be adept with concepts that require little or no calculation if the proper approach is known. With the negative mark in consideration, the student needs to appear the paper with accuracy and time management to achieve good marks. Kaysons’ IIT JEE Test Series thus take care of the tests alongside analysis and doubt clearance facilities. The performance is tracked to generate performance feedbacks. Upon submission of the tests, the solutions will be provided to each and every question which can be solved post-examination by the aspirants.

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List of FREE Tests   Total Question MM Time Doubt
Kinematics Chapter Test 20 60 60 min Doubt clearing Solution to JEE Questions
Structure of Atom Chapter Test 20 60 60 min Doubt clearing Solution to JEE Questions
Trigonometric Functions and Identities Chapter Test 20 60 60 min Doubt clearing Solution to JEE Questions

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand for your JEE preparation

  • Get access to over 104-chapter tests, 19-unit tests, and 10 syllabus tests.
  • Get a report after accessing the specific test.
  • You get to know your weak topics if you practice tests on regular basis
  • Daily Assignments for the topics you study on a particular date
  • Assignments contain 10-15 questions each from every topic so that you are clear each one of them.