Why Kaysons ?

Video lectures

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24*7, covering complete syllabus for JEE preparation.

Online Support

Practice over 30000+ questions starting from basic level to JEE advance level.

Live Doubt Clearing Session

Ask your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our experts.

National Mock Tests

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.

Organized Learning

Proper planning to complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in JEE.

Test Series/Daily assignments

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.


30000 JEE Questions with Solutions and Doubt clearing

Kaysons Questions bank is the only online IIT JEE question bank to have doubt clearing along with question practicing and test series

Kaysons Education provides you with the best IIT JEE questions practicing platform. Covering maximum type of questions including Single choice, Multiple answers, comprehensive and Interger type questions. Our analysis section help you find out topics you are weak in. You can ask doubts against the solution of questions as well.

Type of Questions we Offer to Practice for IIT JEE

There are 4 type of questions asked in JEE
JEE Mains: All 90 Questions are single Choice
JEE Advance: Paper 1: Single Choice and Comprehensive, Paper 2: Multiple Answers and Integer Type

Kaysons Education is the only IIT JEE question practicing platform to provide all 4 type of questions

Go beyond Normal Practicing. Get Colaborative learning

You discussion questions with friends. Now you can do that with a community of over 12000 students. who have asked over 40000 doubts against 30000 questions at Kaysons Education.

Biggest Question Bank For JEE

Over 30,000 Questions along with Solution

Only company that provides different type of Question Practicing at the same platform.

  • Single Choice Question - 8,000 Questions
  • Multiple Choice Question - 8,000 Questions
  • Comprehensive Type Question - 7,000 Questions
  • Integer Type Question - 7,000 Questions

Biggest Question Bank For JEE
Have you ever wondered how a particular step in the solution has come?

At Kaysons Education we provide you with 30000 questions to practice and if you have any doubts against the solution you can ask.

Over 40000 doubts asked against 30000 solution by over 12000 students..

Yes you can view them ALL!

Biggest Question Bank For JEE
Knowing your weakness is the biggest strengh. At Kaysons Education we believe that if a student knows the topics he is weak in he can work more on that topic to improve it. "Topics you are weak in" help you do just that.

Report too like maximum question practiced, Maximum Marks getter, Correct questions practiced. helps you compare you performance with other students giving you a sense of competition you are about to face.

Biggest Question Bank For JEE
Wondered what your JEE Marks will be ?
At Kaysons, we analysis the questions you practice and giving you a approx. figure on what marks you can score.
  • Every time you practice questions your marks optained is updated.
  • You can practice unlimited questions to improve you expected Marks

Last year ALL the student we predicted will get above 150 in JEE mains all cleared their Mains. Remember the prediction is based on the questions you practice.