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Basic Organic Chemistry

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Which of the following pairs will form the most stable ionic bond?


Elements have electronegativities 1.2 and 3.0, bond formed between them would be


Which of the following halides has maximum melting point?


If the electronegativity difference between two atoms A and B is 2.0, then the percentage of covalent character in the molecule is

Q. How is (C2H5)2NH more basic in aqueous solution but (C2H5)3N more basic in normal state?

basicity is checked by availability of lone pair and how stable is compound after reaction , in (C2H5)2NH, the H atom helps in H-bonding with water in aqueous medium, hence is more basic in aqueous medium and in (C2H5)3N in normal state will create hindrance on lone pair due to their large size hence lone pair will be easily available for recation

Q. why tropolone is not a benzenoid compound even though it has alternate double bond and cyclo componds which have functional group are also considerd as heterocyclic componds?

in benzoid compoiund there are 6 carbons inside the ring

Q. Why para xylene is less stable than meta xylene. Pls explain in terms of hyper conjugation?

Meta xylene is more stable than ortho and para xylene because in meta xylene electrophile gets minimum chance to attack on ring and ring just offers only one position for electrophile to attack and that position is position no 3 on ring and other positions on ring become positively charged.