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If the sequence of base in one strand of DNA is ATGACTGTC then the sequence of bases in its complementary strands is:


Which of the following pairs give positive Tollens test?


The two forms of D-glucopyranose obtained from the solution of D-glucose are called:


The correct statement about the following disaccharide is:

Q. Glucose reacts with excess of phenylhydrazine and forms?


Q. The efficiency of an enzyme to catalyse a reaction is due to its capacity to?

Reduce the activation energy of the reaction

Q. Insulin production and its action in human body are responsible for the level of diabetes. This compound belongs to which of the following categories?


Q. When synthesizing using Gabriel Pthalimide, why do we use halo esters and not halo acids?

acids are not used because the compound reacting itself has COO - group therefore we need base to react it

Q. Subunits present in haemoglobin are?

Haemoglobin is made up of four polypeptide subunits, two alpha (α) subunits and two beta (β) subunits. Each of the four subunits contains a heme ( contains iron) molecule, where the oxygen itself is bound through a reversible reaction, meaning that a haemoglobin molecule can transport four oxygen molecules at a time.