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Moving Charge in Magnetic Field

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The angle between magnetic meridian and geographical meridian is known as


A dip circle is so that its needle moves freely in the magnetic meridian. In this position, the angle of dip is  Now the dip circle is rotated so that the plane in which the needle moves makes an angle of the magnetic meridian. In this position, the needle will dip by an angle


The line of the earth surface joining the point where the field is horizontal, is called


At the magnetic poles of the earth, a compass needle will be

Q. Is Magnetic Field of Current Element important for IIT JEE?

Yes, this chapter is important as min. 6-8 marks questions can be asked from this chapter. It is important for Boards also

Q. What are the important topics from Magnetic Field of Current Element?

Below mentioned topics are most important a. Force on a conductor carrying current. b. Magnetic Dipole's Potential Energy c. Lorentz Force d. Magnetic field of a moving charge e. Bios-Savart law

Q. What is meant by a current element?

Bios-Savarts's law is an equation that provides the magnetic field produced by a current carrying segment. This segment is considered as a vector quantity and hence known as the current element

Q. What are the properties of field lines?

Below mentioned are the properties of the magnetic field lines 1. Magnetic field originate from the north pole and condclude at south pole. 2. The direction of field lines inside the magnet is south to north. 3. The field is stronger at poles. 4. They have both Magnitude and direction at any point of the field. 5. They determine the direction of the field. 6. They never intersect each other.

Q. What is Bios- Savart's law?

Bios Savart's law gives the relation b/w current and the magnetic field you can study it thoroughly in our book pdf provided below