The 30 Minute Guarantee – A 7 Steps Program to Crack Jee Exam

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No we are not talking about delivering a pizza. Students opting for self-study when preparing for IIT JEE are often asked to manage their time properly in order to achieve the desired results. Now, tackling each topic on your own is not the easiest of tasks. The little intricacies and the small details may end up taking up more of your time than you had originally set aside for that particular topic, sending your schedule for a toss. This is where we step in with our 30 minute guarantee. The Kaysons Online Video Lectures for IIT JEE include 440 lectures, each with duration of 30 minutes. These lectures are conducted by highly experienced IIT faculties, helping you cover each topic in great detail. To further help you plan for your preparation better, we have come up with a 7 step program.

  1. The JEE Time Table


Download the Kaysons JEE time table, which allows you to plan your schedule as per the topic to be covered on the particular day.

  1. The Video Lectures
IIT- JEE Video Lectures

IIT- JEE Video Lectures

Watch each video lecture as listed in the timetable, with just 30 minutes being taken up in the lectures, while you have the rest of the time to yourself for studying everything in detail.

  1. The Study Material
Video Lectures for JEE

Dvd containing 300 hours of Video Lectures for JEE by IITians

During and after the lectures, refer to our study material for IIT JEE or any other reference books that you are following. This helps you keep pace with the details covered for each topic.

  1. The Doubts

Online Coaching For IIT-JEEAfter every lecture you can ask any doubts that you might have regarding the topics. You can also view the doubts asked by other students, which may further clear your queries.

  1. The Practice

JEE-question-bankOnce you are done with the lecture for the day, practice the questions for that topic. This step is of great importance and should not be ignored. Make sure that you continue to practice till you get at least 75% of the questions right.

  1. The Test

IIT JEE NATIONAL TESTTake the chapter wise tests on our website once you are done with the chapter to improve your preparation.

  1. The Regularity

Be strict with yourself and ensure that the time table is followed strictly.

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