5 Advantages of Self-Study for IIT JEE Mains & Advanced Exam

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Getting enrolled for coaching classes has long been considered the first step towards cracking the JEE. However, this trend is on a downturn. Recent reports show that, for the students who cleared the Joint Entrance Examination, the number of students who had joined a coaching class is lower than the number of students who managed the feat with self-study.

Let’s take a look at the 5 advantages that students get with self-study during IIT JEE preparations:


manage all your time according to your preparation

The biggest advantage of studying on your own is that you get to manage all your time according to your preparation schedule and not the timings of a class. The time lost in travelling to and from a coaching center is definitely better utilized for studying.

Better Planning:


IIT JEE Time Table


The preparation depends heavily on the planning and choosing to study on your own gives you the freedom to make a study plan as per your individual requirements. You can choose the topics that you need to complete, choose the time of the day you think allows you be at your productive best and even take time out for engaging in recreational activates and managing a social life, which is not exactly easy to do when sitting in a coaching class 3-4 days a week.

Balancing School with JEE:


This is one of the biggest challenges that students face when preparing for JEE. Studying for JEE and also making sure that you don’t fall behind in the syllabus being covered in the school is not the easiest of tasks. The inclusion of 12th standard scores makes this balancing all the more important. Having chosen self-study to prepare for the entrance, you can attend the school without worrying about rushing to the coaching classes at the expense of school.

Study Material and Guidance:

Study Material and Guidance

IIT JEE Study Material and Guidance


It is a popular belief that students choosing to study on their own miss out on getting the best study material and guidance. However, you can turn it into an advantage by getting online study material for IIT JEE and enrolling for online video lectures for JEE. The Kaysons Education package for online study material and video lectures for IIT JEE allows you to study at any time, with the lectures and the best study material always at your disposal. For every doubt you have, our experts ensure that you get proper guidance.

Unlimited Tests:



“Practice makes a man perfect”. This saying holds true for IIT aspirants. The students who have opted for self study and have taken the online video lectures and study material from Kaysons Education get a limitless question bank. You also get to attempt numerous tests, making sure that you are well prepared when the JEE arrives.

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  1. Animesh Tiwari says:

    Every fifth student in India aspires to be an IITian and is on constant lookout for the best IIT coaching centers. Being self dependent is good but experienced and skillful guidance matter a lot. There are many institutes like FiTJEE, Vidyarambha and Catalyse have proven track records of success.


    I think self study is a really good option, it gives you a good time to prepare and assess the things you need to put in more work in.
    I myself self studied for the jee but i had taken a test series option with coaching institute in indore. That worked wonders for me, as it used to continuously give me a reality check on how much i have studied and how much more work do i need to put in.
    Hope this helped.
    Thankyou. 🙂

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