5 Tips To Make Study Interesting

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5 Tips To Make Study InterestingThere is no denial in the fact the study is one of the most boring task of life, at least for more than half of the people. The terrific is the time when students have to prepare for their final examination. Many students study hard, day and night, leaving all homely worth and comforts, even the food. A similar condition is seen during the preparation of JEE Main. Interestingly, not many people realize the fact that it is not the hard study, but the smart way to study that enable applicants to crack JEE. Let’s see what tip the officials of CBSE offer.

Group Study

The group study is the best way to prepare for the JEE Main. “Group Study invokes the interest in the study along with sustainable grasping of skills.”, says Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE Board of Education. The exams like JEE demands the clear and quick mind that can solve the problem in a smart way. Make a group of 3 to 4 and study in a closed circle. Keep asking the questions of each other and try to cover as much as you can. This is a simple way to practice.

Keep Snack Nearby

Many people have the habit of taking the breaks in between the study. If the environment of home is not study oriented, the break might be long enough to cause major interruption. The best way is to keep some snacks nearby. “Snacks are better way to keep your focus within the boundary of your study table.”, says Joseph Emmanuel,5 Tips To Make Study Interesting Secretary, CBSE Board of Education. This will gradually diminish the need to take breaks and thus maintain the continuity along with making the study interesting.


Music has the tremendous ability to boost up your memory. Thus, it is a fantastic idea to listen to soothing music during the study. This will calm down your mind and gradually will increase your focus on the study.

Keep Exercising

Getting involved in the study physically is a clever idea. Just make a goal of solving half of the JEE Practice Paper and take light workout session for a few minutes. This makes study interesting by involving the brain in fun activities after heavy mental workout.

Final Tip

Whenever you get time in the evening or before going to bed, do not forget to watch 2 to 3 motivational videos or songs that inspire you to study or to achieve a goal. This will keep your energy for the preparation of JEE Main or other similar exam at the peak.

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