Abhishek Bhartiya: How a Poor Student Cleared JEE Exam just by Self Study at Night

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When thinking of cracking Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and the people who managed to crack the exam, a number of brilliant names from the history come to mind. Right from the current governor of RBI Mr. Raghuram Rajan to the founder of Infosys Mr. Narayan Murthy, the history of IIT success stories is filled with the very best industrialists, corporate heads and politicians. Amongst the IIT alumni are some names that don’t necessarily get the spotlight of their more famous seniors or classmates, but have achieved a lot with meager resources. One such IITian is Abhishek Bhartiya.Abhishek Bhartiya crack jee

Abhishek Bhartiya comes from a lagging and poor family, living in a filthy area in Kanpur. His father used to mend shoes and mother stitched clothes to earn a livelihood. Abhishek had three younger brothers and supporting 4 kids through their education often ended up leaving the Bhartiya family struggling to make ends meet. Due to these conditions Abhishek, being the eldest son in the family, often helped his parents with their jobs in the day time. It was during the night that he managed to study, putting in 5-6 hours on an average. With a little amount that his parents were left with after feeding the family of six, they bought the study material for Abhishek. Self-study is not often considered the best option for JEE, but with the options being limited and the resources even more so; he had no choice but to manage it all on his own. Abhishek was also blessed with the presence of his teacher Mahesh Singh Chauhan, who helped him with physics, chemistry and mathematics for free from time to time. He also received some help from Bansal Sir. Apart from the teachers, Bhabha coaching classes, located near his home, allowed him to attend some of the classes without any fee after seeing his potential. It is often said that “God helps those who helps themselves”. Abhishek had a belief in himself and a deep rooted passion for IIT, and made sure that he put in his 100% into the preparation for JEE. In spite of hailing from a poor household, he had the full backing and blessings of his parents and teachers.

Abhishek cracked the JEE in the year 2010 and soon after got admission to IIT Kanpur, one of the top 5 IITs in India. Now, he is a proud IITian studying in Kanpur. As we go through this amazing and inspirational story we can conclude that “WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY!”

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