Is the JEE main online exam really necessary? Or should there just be a simple pen-and-paper exam?

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JEE Main exam is a national level entrance test for the candidates who wish to get admission into B.Tech and B.Arch and B.Planning courses in NITs, IIITs and IITs. But is it necessary to conduct this exam online? Wasn’t the conventional pen-and-paper exam adequate? Are there any disadvantages to those who chose to appear the online exam? Read this article to find out the Advantages and Disadvantages for JEE Mains online exam.

Advantages and Disadvantages for JEE Mains

Advantages and Disadvantages for JEE Mains

One of the biggest advantages of appearing JEE mains online is the choice of changing your response to a question even when you have already answered it. You can move between questions and also an option called “mark for review” that lets you recheck those questions that have doubts about when you have completed your paper and still have some time left. Whereas in traditional pen-and-paper exams don’t let you have that freedom. An option once bubbled in the answer sheet cannot be undone. Every JEE main candidate knows how important just one question can be.

Also in traditional pen-and-paper exams, candidates have to spend a lot of their precious time bubbling the answers which could very well be spent on solving another question or two. Well, that is another reason to choose to appear JEE main online over the pen-and-paper exam. In the JEE main online exam, you do not have to waste time filling small bubbles, just a click and move over to the next question.

A major disadvantage of appearing the JEE main exam online can be the lack of confidence. The reason behind this could be that most of the exams a student faces in his or her academic career are pen-and-paper based. That includes tests in the school and also over the years, foundation exams like Olympiad and NTSE exams have been conducted in the offline mode of bubbling the OMR sheet. Due to this unfamiliarity with computer-based tests, a candidate may often feel less confident while appearing an important exam like JEE mains online.

Another major disadvantage of the online JEE mains exam comes down to the calculations. Most of the questions in the JEE mains exam involve simple algebraic to more complex trigonometric and other calculations. In online JEE main exams, the candidate is provided with a sheet of paper for doing all his or her calculations. While solving a calculation, the candidate may note down a wrong figure or slightly different diagram or equation from the question on the screen. As a result, the candidate gets a wrong answer or gets messed up after a point. By the time the candidate realizes the mistake, he or she has had lost some time already. This makes the candidate more nervous moving forward. This can, by all means, happen in offline exams too, but the chances of this happening in an online exam is slightly more.

If candidates are trained well, they can overcome these disadvantages and opt for appearing JEE main exams online take advantage of it. Kayson’s education is an online platform that trains for the same. They provide JEE mains online coachingJEE main video lectures, IIT JEE online test seriesstudy material for JEE mains and many more.

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