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Select your study material sensibly:

Books are the most important source for reaching your destination. For getting success in your life, the two utmost important things that must one know i.e. your designation and the second one is the path for achieving that destination. Here books are considered as the knowledge of the path, so choose the best books for the preparation of JEE.

Books must be selected in terms of ease of understanding. Consult your teachers while purchasing any book as market is filled with number of good books. Always select those books which are easy to revise in the exam time. Fast track JEE preparation will also be helpful in guiding you for the selection of best books and how to revise them quickly.

Strong Building of concepts:

JEE main is all about testing your understanding of concepts. The examination paper of the JEE main is objective type, so deeper conceptual knowledge is required for solving high standard problems. Therefore whatever books or study material you have selected, just go through them. Building concepts is not a toughest task but building right concepts is tough. So build right conceptual knowledge for getting good score in IIT JEE.  Fast track revision package for JEE main 2014 will offer you the right conceptual knowledge of the subjects.

Proper applications of concepts:

Student can build their concepts but how to apply them in questions is another important task that students must know. This will be possible only by practicing. Aspirants start their preparations from the basics because without clearing the base, you will not achieve what you want to achieve. Always build up right and appropriate basics.  Most of the students consider Physics as a toughest subject. But if you properly understand the application of concepts then it will not be a toughest one. For Maths just use brain as much you can.

Practicing sample papers of JEE:

Always try to attempt number of sample papers. Practice of JEE level questions is essential for improving your reasoning and analytical ability. Never try to cram the things.  Practicing will develop speed. Solve mock-test series and past year’s papers to build a winning exam spirit. Through practicing you will also come to know about the weaker and stronger sections. Focus on weaker areas and improve them.Balancing is important

While preparing be confident and study honestly. Your dedication will open the door of success. Quick revise JEE main syllabus, as you don’t have much time for the preparation. Now it’s exam time, time to cram all the concepts at a glance.  Focus on the quality study not on the quantity study. There is no need to collect lot of books for one subject. Selective and effective study is best formula of success. So, stay focused on you studies and maintain positive attitude. Your attitude will decide your altitude. Be confident and put your best analytical mind to work in the examination hall. Set your goal, and then just keep determination until or unless you achieve that goal.

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