Experts advice for the JEE Aspirants

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If you are appearing for IIT JEE 2014, you should start your preparations while you were in the eleventh standard says IIT experts. Many top class coaching institutes are available that will be proved as the best place for reaching your dreams. You can go any of the top IIT coaching institutes to get quality knowledge of the subjects. It is a tough nut to crack and requires you to be mentally prepared for it.If you are just starting, here are some tips given by the experts that could help you in your final year of preparation:


Experts advice for the IIT JEE Aspirants

Experts Advice for the JEE Aspirants

  • Solve as much IIT JEE sample paper as you can, that includes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics numerical problems.
  • Set your time limits for a set of questions and then observe your time-score performance.
  • When you are solving questions related to a particular topic, keep close watch on previous years’ question papers.
  • Always stick to your daily routine and achieve your daily target.
  • Try to develop a stream-line thought process which is very helpful in solving numerical problems easily.
  • Always target the difficult parts of the syllabus first and prepare them with the short, crisp, easy-to-understand notes. Such notes will definitely allow shading extra pressure on the eve of the examination.
  • You should develop subject wise strategy. This subject-wise strategy formulated in detail may turn into chapter-wise or topic-wise strategy. In short, more time should be allotted to the tougher topics.

These IIT JEE coaching classes design their learning process as per the latest trends of the examination pattern because the paper pattern keeps on changing. Under prevailing conditions, the common parts of the syllabus present in both these exams. Almost entire syllabus of the board exam is included in JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED syllabus. But experts say the previous question papers should be referred for understanding as to which parts of the syllabus are more important. This part is the most valuable one and can give more attention. But don’t leave anything aside because knowledge earned never goes in vain. Expert believes in the slogan, study more and practice more.

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