All subjects are equally important says Toppers

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Toppers say that aspirants should consider all subjects equally. Most of the students believe that if I am good in any particular subject then there is no need to spend time to study for it. But it is really very wrong approach. Study equally and regularly. Don’t try to avoid any topic just because it is complicated or taking much time. Study again and take help from your teachers. Prepare notes of every subject and remember all the subjects are carrying equal mark so give equal importance. As we know cracking JEE is not so easy but proper management of time will make it possible. Give proper and equal time to all the subjects. Study deeply so that you can solve all sorts of questions without any doubt.

All subjects are equally important says Toppers

Physics is one of the hardest subjects as aspirants believe but toppers say it is not that much hard. If you study every concept thoroughly and apply them accurately then it will become more interesting subject. Maths requires lot of practice, as Maths is based on formulas so learn all the formulas and practice hard. Chemistry is the most favorite subject of the aspirants but toppers say don’t take Chemistry so casually. Sometimes your strong subject becomes your weak point if you will get careless about that subject. So study regularly all the three subjects and revise them after some particular time period like weekly.

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