How should a 10th standard student approach JEE Mains?

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Starting the preparation for JEE Mains early is never a bad thing, especially when the exam is JEE and the syllabus is vast. So starting off with the preparation for JEE in 10th is actually a great idea if you have already decided that engineering is what you want to study in your future. Having decided on starting the preparation in 10th, the next big task that lies ahead is to make sure that you go into the preparation with the right approach. Here are a few pointers that will help you with the preparation for JEE

Organized learning will help you achieve success in JEE with ease and get better ranking.

Concentrate on the basics

Algebra, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, motion, work and mole concept, these are some of the topics whose basics are covered in 10th standard itself. Make sure that you get the basics right, as a good foundation is extremely important for a great building.

Time Management JEE Mains?

Starting in 10th standard gives you the precious gift of time. What you do with this time on your hands will ultimately reflect in your JEE scores. Balancing time between the school studies and JEE preparation is essential. The Kaysons time table for IIT JEE helps you with this management. With the whole syllabus divided into small topics, you get to prepare with ease.

The right JEE books

As opposed to popular belief, preparing for the JEE does not mean handling and studying from the heaviest books and reference material. Preparing from the course books will help you clear the basics well and one reference book for each subject will be more than enough for JEE preparation at this stage.
Relax, you have time
Another advantage of starting early is that you do not have to overburden yourself with anything. Make sure that you take some time out in the day to participate in some recreational activity of your choice.

If you need any help regarding you preparation for JEE Mains 2018 please let us know and we will help you. Please mention in the comment box below.

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