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Aryabhatta known as father of Algebra

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algebra with kaysonsThe introduction to this name Aryabhatta came to us students as early as when we were made aware of the basic numerals, including zero, one to ten. There have been several references to his intelligence and visionary approach with which he mastered concepts of mathematics and astronomy. He has o his credit creation of three major works but presently only one, that is, Aryabhatiya remains. The others seem to have extinct in the vast space of time or lost its existence from the expansive and all consuming time.

The book ‘Aryabhatiya’ explains deftly the Hindu mathematics existing in his own time, which is believed to be the period when Chandra Gupta ruled India and it also came to be known as the Golden period of India.

‘Aryabhatiya’ and ‘Aryabhatta’

This astronomical book has an extensive mathematics detailing, and concerns with an explanation of concepts whichalgebra with Aryabhatta include algebra, arithmetic, plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry. It also explains advance mathematics and quadratic equations in addition to the value of the symbol Pi which Aryabhatta gave accurately up to two points. His contribution to algebra and in very accurate explanation of Solar and Lunar eclipses has become an inspiration to mathematicians all around the world. His calculations are used even today and the Hindu calendar or Panchangam is still worked on Aryabhatta calendar equations. The use of this figure zero has never exactly been found as being used by Aryabhatta in his works but Georges Ifrah, a French mathematician has argued in favour that Aryabhatta’s place value system shows implicit hints that he was not unknown to zero and its use. This is proved especially when Bhatta uses null coefficients as place holder for powers of tens in his place value system. His works show that he did not employ Brahmi numerals and instead used letters of alphabet for the denotation of numbers, this only being a continuation to the Sanskrutik tradition as followed from the Vedic times.

Algebra with Aryabhatta at kaysonsThere has been attached to his name itself various speculations and his existence being found a long time ago there are no sufficient and satisfactory proofs which can corroborate to his birth place or physical features. The visions as well as excellent astronomical discoveries and explanations which Aryabhatta gave has made him memorable and established his name in time. Every student, mathematician and astronomer is aware of his contributions and discoveries which remain a treasure for every Indian heart and makes India a name to be reckoned with respect all around the world.

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