The Best Schedule and Timetable for IIT JEE 2016

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IIT JEE is such a big competitive exam for candidates who want to make a successful career in an engineering field. The number of aspirants attending a JEE exam is exponentially increasing every year. Yes friends, it only means that the competition is getting harder and harder per year. However, with the help of the Kaysons Education best schedule and timetable for IIT JEE 2016, you will understand what and what not to do while IIT JEE 2016 preparation.

Timetable for IIT JEE 2016

The key to right preparation is proper and timely study planning, which is only possible with an appropriate timetable. Kayson IIT JEE 2016 Time Table is an extremely helpful for candidates who are desperate to clear IIT JEE entrance in just first attempt. Candidates can watch the videos anytime, but to simplify and follow the schedule and time table, we have divided the complete syllabus in 2 Time Slot:

  • Morning (Time Slot 1): Morning is suitable time for learning, so you can learn anytime in the morning
  • Evening (Time Slot 2): Evening is also a good choice for reading, so take book and start learning
  • Our experts have divided the entire Syllabus in only 440 video lectures for your smooth study
  • Candidates can download this time table from our official website
  • Every row in the below time table shows a Date
  • Daily includes 30 min video lectures by practicing online questions
  • Our experts have designed the time table in this manner that you can easily prepare for your 12th class board along with IIT JEE entrance exam
  • Our timetable permits you to focus on 12th board examination

IIT JEE preparation needs 6 key ingredients- Time Management, Performance Analysis, Test Paper Attempting Strategy, Logical Approach, Right Guidance and  Smart Hard Work. Making a well-planned timetable for the preparation of  IIT JEE will certainly help the candidates in appropriate management of their time, which is a requirement for securing a reputed rank in JEE exam.

Why every candidate should create a perfect timetable for the preparation of IIT JEE 2016?

The top five benefits of making a timetable for JEE Main Preparation are as follows:

Boosts Time Management Skills:

Several last months are enough to excel in IIT JEE exam, provided you are enthusiastic towards getting your target. Time management strategy saves your lots of time and helps to boost up the self confidence during the exam. If you should follow your timetable honestly, then it will boost your time management skills, which will help you during your examination when you will be trying to attempt the question paper.

Supports in Dealing with Study Pressure:

The significant thing is that you should make a time schedule, which you should stick with it. A perfect study schedule will enable to spend a relax time too, and this will eventually lead to decrease in the pressure of examination.

Proper Time Division:

Candidate should divide this essential time aptly in the three subjects equally and prepare a topic-wise revision & chapter-wise  schedule. Short breaks of five to ten minutes are also important between every 1-2 hours of serious learning. Just relax when you take a break.

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