Board vs JEE Exams Preparation What is the Difference ?

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Every student passing out from class 10 with eyes firmly set on the big goal, Engineering, is often caught between two worlds, the worlds of Board exams and the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. These two sets of exams often end up playing a huge role in making or breaking the career of the students and hence lead to the students striving to achieve that perfect balance. We take a look at the main attributes that make up the difference between Board and JEE preparation.

Theory vs. Practicality

Theory vs. Practicality

Board exams are more theory based with almost every question dealing with the definitions and the derivations involved in a particular concept. On the other hand, JEE deals with the implementation of the concepts and the effect that each concept will have in practical terms. For example- board exams will deal with the principles and theories of electromagnetic induction whereas the JEE will test you on the implementation of these principles in high level problems.

Basic vs. Advanced Knowledge.

Basic vs. Advanced Knowledge

The topics covered in the syllabus for both the exams are essentially the same. The main difference is the depth in which these topics need to be covered. Board exams test the students on the knowledge of the basics, while you need to cover every advanced aspect of each topic for JEE preparation.

Memory vs. Practice

Memory vs. Practice

Now, this may not hold true for all the topics as board exams too will have numerical that you will need to practice. However, a majority of the questions in the boards test you on how well you can remember the definitions and theoretical parts of the concepts. For the JEE, the more questions you solve, the better your preparation as your chances of success in this exam depend on solving maximum number of problems in the stipulated time.

A fine balance can be maintained between these exams by following a few simple steps:

  • Build on the basics

Preparing for the board exams gives you a strong hold on the basics of each topic. Students are advised to prepare the basics of a topic and gradually build on these basics by solving advanced problems. The Kaysons Video Lectures for IIT JEE Mains help you prepare for both the exams by starting right from the basic or conceptual level and then moving gradually to board level, advanced level and finally to ranker’s level. The topics to be covered over the course of classes 11th and 12th are distributed into 440 lectures of 20 to 40 minutes, making it easier for the users to follow a day wise study routine. Students can be assured of getting the best guidance as these lectures are taken by highly experienced faculties of IIT.

  • Practice

Making sure that you get regular practice goes a long way in ensuring that your preparation yields the desired results. With the Kaysons IIT Lecture Videos, you get access to more than 6000 solved questions for reference and a 30000 questions along with their solutions in the questions bank.

  • Know the exam patterns well

Even though the syllabi for both the exams are similar, there are a few topics that are different. Make sure that you do not neglect the topics covered for JEE and not the boards and vice versa.

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