JEE Book Reviews – Problems in General Physics – I. E. Irodov

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There cannot be a single aspirant preparing for the JEE who has not heard of this book for problems. I. E. Irodov’s book has been synonymous with tough questions in physics since the beginning of the JEE.
It has ranker’s level questions requiring crystal clear conceptual clarity to solve.

Analysis – Utility of the book for JEE preparation

If you read the preface of the book carefully, the author mentions that the book does contain a “number of simple problems”. Actually – this is true. There are a number of relatively straight-forward problems in this book too.
My view is that every problem is easy once you understand the underlying concepts of a topic.

The book of problems by Irodov has two main flaws as far as JEE preparation is concerned:

  1. It has subjective type questions which are not asked in the JEE any more. Thus the level of some of the problems tends to be more than JEE (but believe me, it used to be below JEE level in some years, when the exam was subjective !).
  2. It has a number of problems on topics which are not in the scope of the JEE or in advanced topics in mechanics (coriolis force, 3-D rotation etc.), heat and Electromagnetism, Modern Physics and Optics.

The pros of this book are many:

  1. One of the best books of reasonably tough problems that I have ever come across in Physics. Even university students refer to this book as a source of good problems
  2. The problems have a logical flow to them. They are not arranged arbitrarily but tend to follow the way theory progresses in most physics texts.
  3. Almost every problem in the book tests your conceptual understanding for physics. There are no problems given just “for practice”.


I sincerely believe that every JEE aspirant must solve problems from Irodov.
A solution manual to the book has been developed by Er. Abhay Kumar.
We advise you to use the solution manual liberally when solving this book – don’t feel bad about reading the solution if you cannot solve a problem.

The main irritant while doing problems from Irodov tends to be that a student does not know if the problem falls in the JEE syllabus or not. This usually desists a lot of students from trying to solve problems from this book.

But we at Kaysons do not want you to be inhibited.
Accordingly, in a future article we shall give the problem numbers in this book that are outside the scope of JEE. Along with this we shall mention the topics that these problems fall under and why they are out of scope for JEE preparation. We hope that this classification will help you focus on in syllabus problems and make best use of this gem of a book. Usually students purchase this book and let it collect dust for two years. We do not want you to do that!

If you need reviews for any book for JEE preparation please mention in the comment box below and we will do a review of that book.

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  1. Sudarshan says:

    Please Review the book : “Seers and Zeamansky – University Physics” for iit jee preparation

  2. sahil kumar says:

    Please send me those questions of irodov which are beyond syllabus of jee

  3. Amlan Shome says:

    Sir/Madam could you send me the question nos. of “Problems in General Physics” which are worth solving with reference to JEE.

  4. Amlan Shome says:

    Sir/Madam, Which is a better book for physical chemistry- RC Mukherjee or P Bahadur ?

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