Books have now become obsolete for JEE preparations

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I was aspiring for giving my JEE exams to get into the best engineering college. A coaching centre loaded me with a lot of books to study for the exam. I felt burdened but thought this was the right path until I came across the video lectures. According to them, books have become obsolete. I immediately adopted this latest path and feel totally prepared for the JEE exam.

Books have become obsolete

 It is true that books have become obsolete for the JEE mains and JEE advanced examinations. Now you do not need to go through lengthy and boring books that will take up your time and not even capture your interest. Go for the latest technique of teaching and learning, the video lectures. This is the best way to learn the vast syllabus. But why are the video lectures gaining so much popularity in today’s times?

Approach to The Content:

The video lectures have a very direct approach to the content matter. It does not go in a round about way explaining concepts. It is very to the point and comprehensive, something that can be internalised easily. These lectures are given be Ex IITians who have a track record of achievements. Thus the faculty is well trained and certified. The lectures have a professional approach with doubt clearing emphasis.

Video Tutorials:

The most effective way to study is through visuals and this is just what the video lectures do .You can forget what you hear but you cannot forget what you see. Visuals have a strong impact on the mind thus it is a very good way to learn your syllabus. This is also a very good way to revise the course.

 Basic Rules to Follow:

Important rules to follow are that listen to the video lectures carefully and base your study on these lectures. An important point to take note of is to always clarify your doubts immediately. As you have 24/7 online support with Kaysons education you can clear your doubts without waiting.

video lectures are powerfulSo you have the world open to you with the latest techniques. Make full use of the great learning techniques that are your passport to cracking the JEE mains and JEE advanced exams. So happy learning and a great future ahead!

Bhawna Sharma

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