Can Average student clear JEE?

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Nikhil Garg average student till class 10th got AIR 6

Brilliant brains do not guarantee success in the JEE, hard work does. Exceptional academic track record throughout the school life will not get an IIT berth, determination will. These are the statements that Nikhil Garg proved right when he achieved an All India Rank of 6 in the IIT JEE 2008.

Nikhil Garg was an average student throughout his school life up till the 10th standard. Most of his relatives thought that he would continue in the same vein. Even his mother had doubts about whether he would ever be able to achieve something in future. However, when the results for IIT JEE 2008 were announced, he stunned everyone with his performance. Nikhil Garg achieved an All India Rank of 6 in the country’s premier engineering entrance examination.

So what changed after 10th standard? Simply put, Nikhil just became a lot more determined with a single point focus of cracking the JEE. After passing out from 10th standard, he went to Kota for his IIT preparation, taking admission in the Central Academy. He put in a tough shift over the next 2 years, giving an average time of 8 hours to studies on a daily basis. Throughout this period, he never spared a thought for anything else, keeping his focus on getting into IIT.

Mid-way through the preparations, his mother passed away due to breast cancer. The loss of his mother pulled him down but at that time it was his father’s motivation and support that encouraged him to keep giving his 100%.

With a keen interest in computers, a subject his father says Nikhil was good at right from early days in school, Nikhil went on to pursue Computer Science Engineering from IIT Delhi. The ultimate dream for Nikhil Garg remains “earning a lot of money and building a cancer hospital” in Sirsa, his home town.

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