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Aspirants always think what a topper does to achieve top rank in the entrance exams. In JEE Exam, every year number of students appeared with a dream of being selected in Top IITs but only few live this dream. Some of them have to face failure in their goals due to lack of proper guidance and perfect strategy. For getting great guidance with perfect strategy prefer fast track JEE main preparation is a right choice for JEE Aspirants.


Study time:Study time

While studying give 100% dedication to your subject. It would be beneficial if you would blend the subjects. Do Physics for two-three days, then you can shift to some topic of Chemistry or Maths. This would help you in managing the time equally to all subjects.

Time Management:

Time managementThe JEE Main paper is an appropriate example of time management. It is crucial to know the paper pattern for making best time management. There will be 90 questions that to be done in 3 hours duration. On an average aspirant only have 2 minutes per question.  There are some questions which may consume more time in comparison to others. So aspirant must manage their time in the exam paper. Optimize your performance by solving good number of MCQs.  Fast track revision package for JEE main will be helpful in learning how to recognize and eliminate time-killing questions in the exams.

Revision sessionRevision

Your confidence and the chances of good scoring will be based on your revision. The more you revise; you will be clearer about the topic. Revision bestows clarity and understanding of the topic. Your revision enhances your memory in terms of formulas, diagrams, derivations, structures, steps etc of each subject. While revising brush up all the topics and solve questions of that topic.

Discipline is essential while you are attempting mock tests. Quick revise JEE main syllabus increase your level of revision within a limited time. This saves your time for revising worthless topics. 2014 Aspirants solve the sample papers regularly and try to keep a record of your past scores. This will surely boost your confidence to crack JEE exams.

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