July 2014-Starts the CBSE cryptic crossword contest!

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CBSE cryptic crossword contestDo you want to increase your vocabulary, tease your intellectual abilities, lateral thinking and cognitive quotient? If you are a student of class 9 to 12 then this crossword contest is meant for you. Starting in July 2014 by CBSE, this contest is for students across the country and is going to be held in Ranchi on July 16th and in Chandigarh on September 6th.

Students from schools in the city and neighbouring areas are allowed to participate. The contest starts with two students in a team and each team will get 30 minutes to solve a cryptic crossword puzzle. The winning team will get certification and prizes and they will move on to the quarterfinals which will be held in December at Delhi.

This a  very challenging yet exciting contest as it involves team work, unity and super intelligence where the you the student aspires to win at all costs. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase your talent and prove yourself.

Once the shortlisted teams enter the quarterfinals they again compete with each other to write and solve a cryptic crossword in 30 minutes.

From this lot eight winning teams and eight teams from the CBSE region will compete with each other for the semi-finals.

Once these teams enter the semi-finals they will be given a power point cryptic crossword to solve in 60 minutes. This will decide whether they will go to the finals or not. This is the most challenging part of the contest as at this point it is a do or die situation.

The best part about this contest is that CBSE adequately compensates and rewards the students. The third and fourthCBSE cryptic crossword contest runner up gets a prize of Rs 10,000 cash. The first runner up will get Rs15,000 cash and for the winner it is a prize of 25,000 cash with trophies and certificates.

Not only that, the rail fare in second class will be reimbursed for two students and a school escort for those participating in the national level. Thus school students from across the country are encouraged to really make full use of this opportunity. In fact the samples of the contest are also available on the net.

Crossword contest can be fun other than being an important learning tool which caters to the students development. Not only does it enhance personality traits, it helps the students think for him self. It encourages a level of comprehension that cannot be beaten by any other method.

Since the student is all geared to solve the puzzle they are using all possible mental faculties to do so. This will become the building blocks for a successful career in the future. So go right ahead and participate in this one of its kind opportunity!

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