No change in JEE 2014 format

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IIT board confirms JEE 2014 will have no change in format and eligibility

A meeting held on Sunday by Joint Admission Board in Delhi confirmed that the new pattern of two-pronged JEE 2014 will remain the same as this year. The Board decided that the pattern needs to remain constant even though there were alleged discrepancies in 2013.

JEE 2014 will most likely be held by IIT Kharagpur and the first exam JEE (Mains) is scheduled to be held on 6th April while the top 1. 50,000 students that clear the first phase will be eligible to sit for IIT (Advanced) on 25th May. This meeting was attended by the JEE (Advanced) Vice-Chairman and Chairman along with 10 IIT Directors who decided that the all IITs should follow the same pattern in 2014 JEE.

JEE 2014 format

JEE 2014 format

On 15th September, the IIT Council meeting will be held in Kharagpur and might revisit the current decisions, if needed. Although there were numerous suggestions ranging from increasing the number of student cut off from 1, 50,000 to 2, 00, 000, and relaxing the criteria of top 20 percentile for some boards, none of these were approved by the Joint Admission Board. One of the officials said: “In any case only 10,000 students get selected and the rest are disqualified, so no point increasing the shortlisted student list.”

However, some changes in the registration and counseling were approved for 2014 entrance exam. The main reason that was given was that one year was too small a time period to actually make any changes.

However the normalization of marks on the basis of percentile system that was mired in controversy has not been changed. The eligibility criteria to IIT will remain the same for the JEE 2014, even though at least 80 students who had cleared the two-phases of JEE could not get admission to IIT due to poor 12th class marks. The cases are pending in the Supreme Court.

As the matter has not been decided yet, JAB maintains implementation of the 2013 pattern. A JAB member said: “The students who could not get admission to the IIT this year, as they scored low in the specific boards, was not because of any exam pattern glitch. But if there are same problems for two consecutive years, along with some data to back the claims, then we’ll again look into the pattern for revision.”

He further stated: “The Multiple Choice Questions will be allowed to continue without any changes at least for another year.”

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