JEE Book Reviews – Chemistry Books – A (nearly) exhaustive list

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JEE Chemistry is a somewhat strange subject. If done well and with an open mind (especially a mind willing to commit things to memory) it can be a fascinating and very scoring subject. If done with a closed mind – especially with a mindset that there should be no memorization, chemistry can be a torture.

Chemistry in JEE does not involve any higher mathematics (apart from Chemical Kinetics in physical chemistry). So it is conceptually easier than physics. Yet the amount of memorization required in chemistry (even if you understand all the logic behind various reactions) is tremendous.

As I mentioned in my Physics books article, coaching classes sometimes discourage students from using reference books. Coaching class material is typically prepared by a number of hard-working teachers after taking a lot of pains and thus it makes sense that they feel that no reference book is required.
But I still believe that you need to have at-least one reference book handy as well, especially to refer to for topics that may not have been covered well in your coaching material.
If you are preparing on your own, then you must have the right reference books of-course.

List books in Chemistry books for JEE & other engineering entrance exams

There are a number of books in Chemistry for covering theory and problems. I have tried to compile a rigorous but probably not exhaustive list of books that are in fashion currently

For theory

  1. Organic Chemistry – Morrison and Boyd
  2. Organic Chemistry – Solomon and Fryhle
  3. Inorganic Chemistry – JD Lee
  4. Elements of Physical Chemistry – Atkins
  5. Chemistry for Competitive Exams – O.P. Tandon (3 books – physical, organic, inorganic)
  6. Chemistry – Wiley Maestro Series (3 books, 2 of which are abridged books of foreign authors)
  7. Chemistry for JEE (Advanced) – Cengage Publications (Set of 6 books)
  8. Textbook for Chemistry for JEE Mains & Advanced – Arihant Publications (3 books)
  9. Numerical Chemistry/ Concepts of Physical Chemistry for JEE – P Bahadur

For problem solving: All the above books plus

  1. Past JEE papers – Disha Publications
  2. 3000 Challenger Problems – Disha Publications
  3. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – RC Mukherjee

Detailed review of the above JEE related Chemistry books

In the articles that follow, we will conduct a detailed review of all the above Chemistry books for JEE analysing their pros, cons and whether you should buy them.
If you would like us to provide you with reviews of more books, please do let us know the books you would like us to review in the comments section, and we will surely go through the book and publish a review in due course.

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