Cracking IIT JEE without coaching: Is it a Dream or Reality ?

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IIT JEE, one of the hardest exams to crack in India, often throws up a number of questions for the students such as when to start studying, how to go about the preparation and how to balance school and JEE studies. Amongst the most important questions that the JEE aspirants are faced with is whether it will be possible to crack the exam without joining any coaching center. With the culture of joining a coaching center for JEE preparations being vastly popular in the last 2 decades, students and parents are often of the opinion that IIT JEE without coaching is a dream.

Crack JEE without coaching

Crack JEE without coaching

However, in the last couple of years an increasing number of students are opting for self-study and stats show that more than 50% of the students who appeared for the JEE last year did not join any coaching institute. We take a look into the things that go into making IIT JEE without coaching a reality:

  1. Start Early
4 Steps for effective JEE mains Self Study

4 Steps for effective JEE mains Self Study

For the students who are aiming to appear for the JEE 2018, now is the right time to start. The basics of a lot of topics covered for the JEE are actually taught in the classes 9th and 10th. Starting right now will be able to cover the basics better and also give you a lot of time to plan your studies.

  1. Time Management
Kaysons Education: Get more time to studies

Clear JEE

Managing the preparation with respect to the time on your hands is essential for cracking the JEE. The Kaysons time table for IIT JEE helps you plan your preparation based on the topics, with specific topics from physics, chemistry and mathematics being assigned to for each day. Separate allotments have been made for small chapter wise tests, making sure that you can test yourself on a regular basis.

  1. Proper Guidance
How to prepare for JEE Advance

If you are able to get an average rank in one subject but can score well in the other two subjects, you can get the edge and clear JEE Advance. Thus, you need to study smart

Even with self study, students might require some guidance about topics in the course. This can be resolved by signing up for the Kaysons video lectures for IIT JEE. The whole syllabus is divided into 30 minute lectures, with a total of 440 lectures covering all the topics for JEE. Each lecture is conducted by IIT faculty, with the perfect balance being maintained between boards and JEE levels.

  1. Practice

Last Minute Struggles for JEE Main

The Kaysons online video lectures give you access to more than 6000 questions and their solutions, helping you practice in an efficient manner. Further enhancing your preparation levels are the 30000 solved and unsolved questions that are available with the Kaysons study material for IIT JEE.

  1. Take Tests


Another very important aspect of preparation is taking tests after regular time periods. This process helps you prepare better and ensures that your preparation is carried out in a systematic format. Registering for the Kaysons National Level Test Series will help you prepare according to the pattern of JEE, making sure that the time constraints and the syllabus are both well managed.

Just follow a few simple steps, put in an honest effort from start to finish and you can see your IIT dream turn into a reality even without joining a coaching institute.

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