Revise sessions—Crash course for JEE 2014

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Revising must includes theory and formulas as well as all the concepts learnt from the problems. For this prefer to go with the complete crash course for JEE 2014. JEE Main 2014 aspirants must be aware about the syllabus. All the concepts must be dealt with in a systematic manner.

Topics to be studied firstTopics to be studied first:

In Physics, Kinematics and Dynamics is very important and cover most of the questions in exams. Electromagnetism, modern physics, waves and SHM is also very important. In Chemistry physical part is very important like chemical bonding, hybridization, periodic properties, coordination compounds, structure etc. In Maths Quadratic Equations, calculus, Integration, Differentiation is the most important topics.

Numerical RevisedNumerical Revised:

 Most of the questions in IIT JEE are numerical based. Revising all the formulas is vital for the students. While solving numerical problems don’t use calculators. You should mark formulas of the questions and note them for the revision.  Fast track revision package for JEE main 2014 are designed to cope up last moment hassle. Numerical problems must be solved regularly.


Theory expected:

JEE Main syllabus for sure has vast topics. Students can go through the entire subject but still some topics are more theory expectedrelevant for the theory point of view.

In Physics Mechanics and Electrodynamics are the two most important and vast topics. Separate time must also be allotted to Heat and Thermodynamics, Optics and Modern Physics.  In Chemistry student must devote sufficient time on the general principles of Organic Chemistry. Physical Chemistry is important as numerical problems asked from this section are good scoring high. In Mathematics student must be able to understand inter-relationship between various topics. Coordinate Geometry, can also be used to solve problems in complex numbers. Vectors, Probability, Permutation and Combinations are other important topics to study.


Revision for JEE Main should be done only when all the concepts are well understood. Aspirants must stay focused on your studies with positive attitude. Solve more past year’s IIT-JEE papers regularly. Develop speed as time is limited.  Prefer to quick revision package for JEE 2014 to build a winning exam temperament. Students must focus on their weak areas and improve upon your concepts. 

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