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CV Raman-A man of great talent and merit

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India can easily boast of great talent who have brought merit to the country. One such talented individual was CV Raman the noted physicist who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1930.

Born on November 7th 1888 in Thiruvanaikaval in Tamil Nadu to parents Chadrasekhara Iyer and Parvati Iyer, CV Raman was a fortune child. He was an intelligent student who finished his matriculation at the age of 12.He was a keen observer and thought out of the box. This kind of mindset led him to his discovery of what is called the Raman Effect, for which he won his lifetime award.

Sir C.V Raman

Most of us would be curious to know what this Raman Effect is. How did Mr Raman come to such a conclusion? When a beam of light is traversed through transparent dust free compound is deflects beams of similar wavelength. But within the space it also deflects beams of different wavelength and this is called the Raman Effect. The Raman scattering happens when an incident of light comprising of photons strikes the molecules of the compound. Mostly after striking the photons scatter with unchanged energy but at times it scatters with high or low energy. The Raman Effect is low in liquid mediums.

In 1902 Raman joined the PresidencyCollege in Madras and in 1904 he passed his Bachelor of Arts where he won a gold medal in physics. In 1907 he got his masters degree with high distinction. Also In 1907 he married his wife Lokasundari Ammal.

CV Raman led a life of dignity and achieved success after success without stopping on the way. He was a born winner who took life as a challenge. He is a great example of what hard work and persistence can achieve.

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