Day Time Study Vs Night Time Study

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There is a huge amount of debate about the time students should dedicate for their studies. Some people say that the morning hours are the best time to absorb and retain concepts, while others say that those who study for long hours through the wee hours are more likely to get good marks. I think that it depends on your personal choice. It does not matter whether you are the lark or the owl; the amount of time you dedicate for self-study with sincerity pays off in the end.

As CBSE boards results are out for class Xth, students are gearing up for  JEE 2014 and JEE 2015 examinations.  Everyone is struggling to define the pattern of studies, style and coaching etc. While doing so, Day Time Study Vs Night Time Study is again a point of concern for many students.

During our last hangout, one of a student ‘Riddhi’ asked this question to Mr. Sudhiraj Verma Sir. Please watch the below hangout:

If you compare day time study vs. night time study, you can come up with the pros and cons of both.
Advantages of day time study: After a good night’s sleep, the mind is fresh and is ready to absorb most of the information. Studies indicate that your brain is very likely to retain what you memorize first thing in the morning. So if you are trying to solve a complicated Math problem that you were unable to solve the last night, you are very likely to do it in the morning. If you study are preparing for some competitive exams and take help of online tutors from notes or videos, you will have a clear mind in the day to concentrate.

If you plan to study in the morning, make sure that you have a healthy breakfast. It should make you feel full but not make you doze off! Have fresh fruits, boiled eggs, nuts, bread, cereals, milk; a diet that would give you carbohydrates and proteins and keep you energized. Do not plan to skip this important meal as it might tend to make you divert from your studies and you will be tempted to have a snack. This too may divert your attention.

Advantages of night time study: There are many advantages of studying at this time. First of all, there is no noise and disturbance that is usually present during the day. No phone calls, door bells ringing, or sound of the traffic (if your house is close to a main road).  As the whole world sleeps, there are fewer distractions to bother you.

Studies indicate that whatever you study just before going to bed is processed by your brain for a long time. This happens when you sleep; in fact many students who are anxious before their exams may have bad dreams. Just make sure that you do not have a very heavy dinner. Avoid eating very late and also avoid caffeine before studies. You should be able to keep yourself awake because of your focus on studies and not because you had many cups of tea of coffee you have.

Thus, it is not about day time study vs. night time study, it is more about having preference about a time slot. Making a routine and sticking to it also helps you to study better. Keep your focus on studies and manage your time well. Take down notes of important points and refer to them often. Get ample amount of sleep as it will help your mind and body rest.

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