Delhi Technical University Admission Process (DTU), Application, Document and Cut OFF

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Delhi Technical University Admission Process (DTU) is based on JEE Main Rank provided to you by CBSE which includes 60% JEE Marks and 40% board Marks. Joint Admission Counseling (JAC) is counseling body which governs the admission to B.Tech in DTU.
Admissions to DTU is on bases of reservation which has 85% quota for Delhi Students while remaining 15% for rest of India.

Procedure to apply for B.Tech in DTU

Step 1: Paying for Counseling Fees.

Visit and download the deposit chalan. Visit any SBI bank branch and deposit the Counseling fees amount.

Step 2: Register on the website

After you have deposited the amount in bank you can now register on their webiste website You will now be asked to enter all you information like Name, DOB, JEE roll number and JEE (Main) Rank

Step 3: Get the form Attested

If you have entered all the information correctly you will reach a confirmation page. Take the print out of that confirmation page and get it attested from your school principal or any Gazetted officer.
Note: If there is any issue while registering you will not reach the confirmation page in that case you can redo the registration

Step 4: Select your Branches as per you Preference

We will advise you to take out time to select your branch, you can select as many branches you would like to consider. You should have a idea about what branches are there and there cut off. Once you are done you can submit(Lock) the branches in the order you would prefer.
Note: Once you have submitted your have preferred branches you are not allowed to edit them in future. You are to take a print out of the preferred branches when you go for admission

Step 5: Branch Allocation

Once you have submitted your choice of branches you will be getting provision branch as per your JEE Main Rank and your choice of branch in DTU college. Take the print out of the provisional admission letter which will be provided to you. You will be provided with a scheduled date to report for counselling in the institute. You have to report to the college in the given date along with all your documents and provisional admission letter along with the prescription fee.

Step 6: Confirm your seat

If you are happy with your seat allocation you have to confirm it to DTU within 24 hrs by sending a letter to chairmen of admission committee.
Note: If you did not get your choice of branch and in future there is vacancy in that branch you will be upgraded mention that in the letter as well. This is the 1st round hence we can expect the branches to change in round 2 and round 3.

Step 7: Up-gradation of branch

Even if you did not get a choice of branch you opted for we will advise you to accept the branch you got since only those student who have got admission in round 1 are allowed to upgrade in round 2 and round 3.

Step 8: Welcome to DTU

Once the round for counseling is over you will the best deserving branch in DTU but if you do not attend the 1st two weeks in college your name can be stuck off and your seat can be allocated to some other student.

List of Document you are to carry for counseling

Remember one thing you are suppose to get all your photocopies attested before you go for counselling.

Original copies along with attested photocopies

JEE Main Admit Card and Score Card
Online Registration form
12th Std marks sheet
10th Std Mark sheet
Reservation Certificate(if applicable)

Original copies

Medical fitness certificate
Medical certificate of physically disability (if applicable)

Others documents

Three passport size photographs
Bank Draft for Fees
Copy of the challan of State bank of India for deposit registration fee

If you have any queries regarding Delhi Technical University Admission Process (DTU) please mention in the comment box below and we will answer you with 2-4 hrs. If you wish you can see the cut off for NIT college.

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    Hey, i would like to if my leet marks which i had answered in a different state (other than delhi) applicable in dtu? Will they consider my current leet marks or do i have to answer the leet exam again from dtu itself to bag a seat in dtu

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