How to appear for CBSE Open Book Exam 2014

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With another changing trend coming this academic session, CBSE schools are bracing for the new CBSE open book exam commencing in the 2014. Trying to do away with the standard obsession with marks, the change will bring about another method to evaluate the theoretical and analytical skills of the students by allocating nearly 15% to 20% of the aggregate marks based on the case studies.

New pattern examination in Indian education

It is starting with all subjects in 9th  class and for 11th class it will be restricted to geography, economics and biology. The CBSE Open Book examination is scheduled to be held in March 2014 annual examination. Although the open book exam does not literally mean that you can carry your books into the examination hall, but it will be about text material, case studies, problems or diagrams which would be directly connected to the current syllabus. All of the textual material shall be provided to the students in December so they can read it, clarify their doubts and prepare for it.

Although 9th class students will have this portion in all the subjects, it is limited to a few subjects for class 11th students. The system of Open Book exam is not new and has been in practice in US, UK and Australia for number of years, this is the first time in India that the new pattern of learning and education has been incorporated. It is going to be termed as ‘Pre-Announced Test’ (PAT) and will test student’s analytical and logical skills.

How to appear for CBSE Open Book Exam 2014

As per the rules, the stude

How to appear for CBSE Open Book Exam 2014

The CBSE Open Book examination is scheduled to be held in March 2014

nts will need to find the answers for the questions from the provided case studies/articles. Whether it is a diagram, case study, situation or a problem, it will be completely within the ambit of the 9th class and 11th class course as per CBSE syllabus. The question paper will be set by the Board and the students will be provided with the same material during the Open Book examination with the question paper and answer sheet.

Although the reactions of teachers and students differ on the topic, some are of the view that it is going to increase the burden on the students while others welcomed the move that it will allow the students to read and assimilate instead of depending on memorization of the notes and books. For 12th class it will happen in the session 2014-2015.

However, there is still ambiguity about how the evaluation has to be done but most of the students and teachers are looking forward to taking up the new challenges as prescribed by CBSE Board.

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