Don’t wait : the time will never be just right

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The phrase “Don’t wait : the time will never be just right” brings many thoughts to my mind. As I ponder I feel how true it is. As long as we wait for the right time we will just be waiting endlessly. We have to bring about the right time with our own effort; there is no waiting in this sense.

Don't WaitFor example lest say you have your JEE exams coming up but you do not have the courage to go out and take tuitions. So You wait for the right time to have the gumption to do so. This is like waiting endlessly for the right time instead of creating the time or bringing about the time. Its high time you pluck the courage to just go and enroll yourself for tutorials.

Or what if you wouldn’t make friends thinking that you would only be friends with whom you share a great rapport; then you would just be without friends forever. You would just be waiting for the right time to find that perfect person to be your friend but that time would never come

So the moral of the story is “act immediately; don’t wait!” Yes, time is crucial and it moves at great speed. Time waits for nobody, not even you and me. So we have to go with the pace of time and in fact conquer it. In the pursuit of waiting for the right time we might just loose out on educational opportunities. The point is to grab the opportunity as soon as it comes to us. The educational world is also moving at a fast pace. You have to move accordingly.

Now let us see how to capture time and be the master of our educational lives:

Don’t get into the mode of procrastination: Many of us postpone important things like studying, that needs to be done. We feel we will do it another day. This is a good way to waste time and not achieve what we want to. This leads to unhappiness and depression. So the best way is, as the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine.” We must make it a point to study in time and not delay in taking the correct action regarding it. This point just elaborates that we should study and finish our syllabus in time without procrastinating.

Don’t give into laziness and lethargy: These are few of the most lethal ways to miss the mark. Once you give intoDon't Wait them you will only add to your unhappiness. So get going and put on your thinking cap, pull up your socks and take action. Just by taking the first step forward you will be able to achieve what you want. Laziness and lethargy are poisons that can only add to misery so avoid them at all costs. Being lazy at picking up your books can be fatal.

Keep your mind ticking and alert: Don’t let your mind get dull. Indulge in intellectually stimulating activities such as reading, going for counseling classes, going for cultural activities, engaging in a sport, interacting with friends and family, studying hard and above all just having fun. This way you will be able to put your mind to your studies and feel good about yourself. It actually works as an impetus.

We get one chance to make things work for us so we need to make the best of it. Even one lifetime is short to learn the art of conquering time and steer it in the direction of a great career line. So buck up!

Manas Kapoor

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