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Events of QUARK’14

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The event QUARK 2014 is decided to be held on 7th to 9th February. This Annual International Technical and Innovation Festival will be taken place at BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus. Quark includes many events which are related with different engineering branches and pure sciences.

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This biggest technical fest offers these amazing events:

1) Bitsmun Event:Bitmun is a platform for the leaders of tomorrow. Here you can interact and showcase your analytical, debating and diplomatic skills.

2)  Burnout:It is an RC car based event. This event generates lots of buzz and being held at the epitome of activity area.

3)  Corporate:This challenging event will tests your business and analytical skills that will surely bring out the business magnate within you.

4)  Design and Build: At quark 2014, design and build will test your engineering skills to the ultimate limit.

5)  Electrify: This panel is definitely gives the feel of a PCB. If you are a lover of electronic gadgets then this event is for you.

6)  Elixir: This event comprises eight events related with Pure Science subjects, having unique formats and challenging problem statements.

7)  Matka: This event is a perfect blend for the technology and fun.

8) Google Hackathon: This event is a programming marathon; all the technology lovers will be amazed to see this event.

9)  Initiatives: With this event you will be able to put your innovative ideas into action. You can share your innovative ideas in this event.

10)  Online events: E-dorado and Twenty19.com are the two online events which were presented in Quark 2013.

11)  Roboficial: This event will be most pleasurable for the robotics enthusiastic people.

12)  Open Showcase: It is a diverse platform promoting range of subjects like pure sciences and engineering to economics, management and architecture for the participants to represent innovative and design skills.

13)  Programmers Inc.: This event will provide an opportunity to compete with your equals and prove yourself to be the best.

14)  Quark National Quiz: This event is the ultimate delight for all the quizzers, offering the chance to show your knowledge and ability to think on the spot.

15)  School Bag: This event is designed for the participation of students of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.

16)  Wall Street Revolution: This event involves budding entrepreneurs keenly. It brings the thrill of trading without any fear of losing your money.

QUARK event is called as the amalgamation of all technical fests. This tech fest offers best opportunity to the bright minded people to promote their skills. Quark 2014; is ready to provide biggest fun of the year.

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