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Every year large number of aspirants dream to secure IT jobs for themselves enrol for IIT JEE exams. During the last year, the students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)  made a remarkable success in the highly competitive Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) examination has made everyone to guess the reason behind the success.Data of Result

According to the data available, 9700 students appeared for the IIT exams out of which 5500 students were from CBSE. Thus, according to the survey done, about 56% of the CBSE students qualified for the IIT exams.

During 2011, 56% of the CBSE board students qualified and in 2010 the rate was 58%. The percentage of the students scoring high in the IIT exams is more from the CBSE board as compared to the other boards. The number of students enrolling in the exam is growing every year and the competition is also getting tougher. It is essential to find out the best strategy for cracking the IIT exams.

CBSE is one of the widely accepted boards with fully equipped syllabus. The board provides online learning solutions Data Of CBSE resultand TV programs which enhance the learning of the students. Some of the advantages of the CBSE board are:-

  • The language of instruction for CBSE curriculum is available both in English and Hindi.
  • The CBSE board is recognised by the Government of India. The syllabus for the classes is set in a manner which gives the students the objective knowledge and this is tested in the competitive examinations.
  • The syllabus is created in such a manner keeping in view the needs and requirement of an individual child.
  • CBSE have introduced the new concept of Grading System which has helped the children who are not able to get qualifying marks in the Board Examination.

CBSE provides online study material for the students and is a powerful resource offering a stress free learning environment. According to educational experts, the reasons why more CBSE students qualify for the IIT exams are:

  • CBSE has various advantages as large number of students appears in the Class 12th board exam conducted by the CBSE than any other board. 6.99 lakhs students appeared for the class XII CBSE examination in 2012-2013.
  • In metropolis and in major cities of the country the number of schools affiliated to CBSE board and this has lots Data of CBSE resultof geographical advantage.
  • The IIT coaching facilities is better in metropolis and in major cities and many of the institutes starts training to the students at young age.
  • The success of the students of CBSE depends on the course syllabus offered to them which is similar to IIT examination. The syllabus gives a sound base to the students facing the IIT entrance examination.
  • The CBSE course structure is based on reasoning and analytical abilities rather than on memorising the facts and this contributes to the high success rate.

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