Free IIT JEE Main Video Lectures vs Paid Video Lectures

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There are many Free IIT JEE Main Video Lectures which you can get from the market. Example would be Khan Academy, Physics Galaxy, if you quikr or go to olx you see many ads saying the same. The only advantage a free video lecture has is that they cost nothing other than internet. So it’s worth giving a try.

Pros: Free of cost

Cons: how much of syllabus covered, what all is covered no one has any idea.

In Kota you go to any cyber cafe they will give you video lectures from resonance, career point and allen worth 15-20 GB for Rs 700.

Will we would like to inform you that you do not need to go to Kota for that those are sample videos from their you tube channels. Most of the big coaching centers have created their video to promote there coaching their main motive is not to sell them.

Why are paid video lectures better than Free IIT JEE Main Video Lectures

Complete IIT JEE syllabus

Free Video lecture are good for topic but not for complete JEE syllabus

Free video lectures on you tube are good for understanding individual topics like for example we like the way Dr. Quantum as explained the concept of Young’s double slit Experiment, but if you are preparing for an exam like JEE you need to focus on complete syllabus.

Free IIT JEE Main Video Lectures

Mainly theory based questions are not discussed

All the required theory you need is given in for free does not mean you do not need to buy JEE books.

Here is a example of Wikipedia link for projectile motion the explanation is done in detail but still you will need a book for JEE. Similarly you will find many videos on YouTube which will be free but you will still need Video for JEE

Updated as per the syllabus

Good IIT JEE Video Lectures will update their syllabus regularly

At Kaysons Education, we update our syllabus on regular basis keeping in trends with the new pattern of JEE. Discussing questions like single choice or multiple answers topic which are added to JEE syllabus and much more.

No wrong information provided

Videos are checked at least 7 to 8 times before we provide them to you hence you can be sure that all the information if correct.

In camera most people tend to say the truth since the recording is there will you 24 by 7 hence when a teacher teaches in video he makes sure he is 100% correct. The information provide as a free resource does not account for the correction of the information. Example as an student you can go and update anything on Wikipedia.

Video Lecture help you in more ways than you can imagine hence you can trust them to help you achieve success. If you have any doubt in mind regarding Free IIT JEE Main Video Lectures or Paid Video Lectures and their need please ask us in the comment box below and we will reply within 2-4 hrs.

Manas Kapoor

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  1. anshul sharma says:

    hello guys, i have all hd quality video lectures of all coaching of iit jee and neet like etoos motion, vibrant,resonance, plancess, fiitjee, rao iit, career point and allen. if you want please call or whatsapp on +91xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Harshil says:

    Who To Buy Etoos All lecture All Subject please call 9xxxxxxxx3

  3. Kalyan Manikrao Aher says:

    Is video lectures available in cds /dvd/pendrive for 8th class iit foundation?

  4. surendrasingh thakur says:

    How I got video lecture ?
    What’s payment mode?

    • Manas Kapoor says:

      Hi surendra singh
      You can buy the videos from our website by visiting the following page
      click here to get out jee video lectures
      If you wish you can purchase it via any e-commerce website like snapdeal, paytm, Amazon, flipkart.
      We have a 15 days return policy of you do not find out videos effective you can return it. So feel free to order now.
      You can make online payment or deposit in our account.
      Please send your details on [email protected] so that we can send you the payment details.

  5. ashish says:

    could you please provide the linksReference

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