Had a Great 2015 Now looking for a Positive 2016

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As yet another year comes to an end we will talk about what we did this year and what our plans for 2016 are.
Our Achievements in 2015

Learn from anywhere

With the launch of our videos for mobile and pen drive you can now “watch our IIT JEE video on the go”.
Tie Up with Lenovo to provide Educational Tablets
In our continuous effort to provide students with the best education method we tied up with Lenovo to provide you with IIT JEE video Lectures in Tablet.
Made our product easier to buy
Had Tie up with Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm and Flipkart to give student special discounts.

Plans for 2016

Redo Mechanics by Pawan Verma Sir
Pawan verma sir have explained IIT JEE Physics video are one of the best video for JEE available in market by we have to make it even better so we will doing Mechanics again and getting content updated with more animation and more questions.
Redo Inorganic Chemistry by Mr. Sudhi Raj Verma Sir
Presently Dr Shashi Bala is teaching Inorganic Chemistry but we need to improve it we are getting it redone by Mr. Sudhi Raj Verma Sir. We are expecting the video to be complete and launched by July 2016.
In case of all our updates we will be sending the student mail to update their content free of cost.
Launch our educational App
We are all going Mobile in an effort to increase our presence we will be launching our mobile app by mid July.

You are our strength if you have any suggestion please let us know the same so that we can also implement it.

-:We Wishes You a Wonderful Year Ahead :-

Manas Kapoor

Love to write about JEE mains and Advance Manas Kapoor

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