Which Are the Highest Paid Engineering Degrees?

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Some highest paying professional fields in the world are found in engineering. Experts say that engineering is very much in demand these days and the most lucrative career option for the students. Over millions of engineers are working on high packages exceeding $100k every year once the engineer has got some experience. Engineers can get in excess of the national average salary package and it is non-stop growth for the future. In fact, degrees of engineering make up 10 out the top most 17 highest paid degrees. The reason behind it is that engineers are actually in high demand. It is such a great pattern across all disciplines of engineering. In fact half of all positions of engineering are unfilled.

Engineering Degrees

To be a successful engineer, however, you need one important thing and that is engineering degree. If you don’t have a degree or you are searching for higher degree than don’t be late and just join highest paid engineering degree now. Some most requested engineering degrees can assist you give good start towards an engineering career you are proud of. Simply read an entire article for some more information about highest paid engineering degrees.

So Let’s Start With:

Petroleum Engineering: The average starting salary package of petroleum engineering is $74,240 and the mid-career salary package is $132,320, and the specialized petroleum engineers can get around the $186,520. The petroleum engineers’ demand is expected to exceed the quantity of persons qualified to fill available requirements increasing demand.

Nationally and internationally this demand will advance the profession life and the salary packages of petroleum engineers. There are various degrees for those interested in selecting petroleum engineering with training online.

Some geotechnical & petroleum related engineering programs for you that you might be interested in:

  • MS in Project Management (Oil & Gas)
  • Master of Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering:

Just pass Aerospace engineering graduate can expect his/her starting expected salary is $65,450.  The Department of Labor in space exploration needs aerospace engineers. A number will increase at 5% over the next few years. Salary of a mid-career for an aerospace engineer is $103,720.

Electrical Engineering:

The median starting salary of new graduate electrical engineers is $57,330.  Various electrical engineering jobs include supervising, testing and designing the manufacturing of electrical equipments, but some electrical engineering careers include designing electronics schematics for the use of consumer and commercial. The job growth is expected to be around 6 percent. The opportunity in this job is a lower than average. The salaries of mid-career for electrical engineers are $89,180.

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