How do IITians Plan their Schedule for Study ?

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IITians are winners and they will always be on the top. They have worked hard at grassroots level and paved their way to success. Most important they have made the right career moves and enrolled with the best educational institutes. So if you want to be and IITian then you to have to be careful and wise. You too have to make proper, considered decisions that will put you in good stead for life. One such good decision is to plan a schedule. Once you do this you will be clear on how to go about things quickly.

How do IITians plan their schedule?

 Plan a schedule-

Planning a schedule is easy if you are clear about your goal. So here the goal is to crack the JEE exams with flying colours, so studying hard is the action to be taken. Now the study aspect can be planned into a schedule. Which portions to finish first? What are the important questions? How much time to devote to each subject? How many hours in a day are required to study and get good grades? The answer to all these questions must be incorporated in your schedule. This is exactly how IITians plan themselves and move towards their goal.

 Command on Basics-

Another plus point about IITians is that their command over the basics is very strong. This is because they start right and follow the correct path. They first strengthen their basics and thus lay the foundation for learning the rest of the syllabus.

 Practice Numerical-

Especially for maths and chemistry, IITians are very thorough in practicing their numerical. They are well versed with their theorems and have a strong hand at calculation and numeric. So the hint for you is that practice the numerical thoroughly and adequately.

 Be regular-

One very important aspect about being a winner like IITians is to be regular with your studies. Unless there is regularity in learning the syllabus you will forget what you have learned. A rhythmic pattern has to be set while preparing for the JEE exams.

Try to answer smartly by solving as many questions as possible on cases- You will come to understand the pattern ofCommand on Basics the question paper by solving as many questions on cases. This will drill in the syllabus in your system and put you in good stead for future.

 So if your desire is to become as good as an IITian or be an IITian yourself then do follow the above tips and see for yourself how they work for you. Trust me these are time tested and wouldn’t fail you. So happy journey!

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