How many hours should I Study for IIT JEE?

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It is advice to study for 4-5 hours a day in order to score well in JEE. More important is that these 4-5 hours should include question practice as well.

How Kaysons Education Can Help

We have divided your routine of 5 hours in following way to help you achieve your dream rank in JEE with ease.

Follow a study plan to be regular with your studies.

The study plan should have regular test of topic you finished. Your study plan should include revision with 48 hrs of completing the topic.

How Kaysons Education Can Help

Readymade study plan for you to follow

We have divided the syllabus in two time slots. You can study any time you wish but we advise you to follow the complete sequence at once to help you optimize you efforts.
You can download the JEE study Planner from here

Watch 30 min videos

We have divided the complete syllabus in 440 lectures each lecture for 20 to 40 min. Use headphone while watching the videos will help you increase concentration.
Have a look at our videos here to understand.

We advise you to watch them twice

It will help you understand the topic better and remove most of your doubts which you had while viewing it for the 1st time.

Go through the notes we provided

What we have taught in our video as being put as class notes in the books provided have a look at those and also some recommended books for IIT JEE.
You can download the sample book from here

View doubts asked by others

On our website there are over 15000 doubts asked. Have a look at the doubts for that topic before you start to ask you doubts.
Register free to view the doubts

Followed by solving questions online just 15 questions per time slot

Question Practicing will help you remove your doubts about the topic and gain confidence.

Total it should take about 1 hr for video and 45 min for question practice total 1.45 min

If you want us to create a study planner for you please let us know we will create on for you and provide it to you.

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