How much to study to clear JEE

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IIT-JEE is considered to be one of the toughest entrance examinations to clear but as they say, ‘nothing is impossible’ you can clear it if you study smart. If you procrastinate often, it needs to end as this time in your life is never going to come again. You’ll need to tighten your belt and not just sit before your books, but study with interest. That is the only road to success.

how much to study clear JEE

how much to study clear JEE

You will need to prepare yourself mentally for hard work and competition apart from staying healthy so you can study well. Focus on your goals and remember that only 1, 50,000 students rank in the IIT JEE from the millions of students that appear not just in India but abroad also. Not only do you need to score well in JEE but simultaneously you will need to do well in your 12th class exams as the marks have a weightage in the IIT admissions.

Effectively, you need to study for about 7-8 hours everyday on an average regularly and at least 12-13 hours for a period of 4 months before the exams. And studying does not mean keeping the book open and talking to your friends on the phone. You will need to cut out all distraction from your life as you step on to study well and achieve your dreams.

Although most of the students appearing for JEE are high achievers in their own schools, you understand how to study but when it comes to competitive exams you need better guidelines. Start by getting the complete format of JEE and the syllabus. This ensures that you are on track and it will help you get the right focus on the topics that need more studying.

Just joining any coaching class does not help so evaluate your own dedication, budget and then join a coaching. Additionally, most students prefer self-study IIT JEE packages that have the necessary CDs and DVD lectures, online experts and specific notes, books by IIT alumni. Not only does studying with comprehensive packages save you time on commuting, but you can go over the material, watch the lectures as many times as you like. It enhances your concepts and helps you move at your own pace.

Select a quiet room, with no disturbance and study at a stretch for at least 2-3 hours, take a short break and then sit down for another session. But even though you would be studying on your own with the help of self-study package, do not be nervous or over strain your health (both mental and physical) as that will lead to poor health and disrupt your study schedule. Take adequate breaks and spend some time relaxing, but stay on track without giving in to distractions. Studying for about 8-10 hours all through the year will not only help you get a good grade in 12th class but ensure you a seat in IIT.

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