How to crack JEE without coaching classes

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If you are wondering ‘how to crack JEE without coaching classes’ all that we can say is that anything you set your mind on, you can achieve it. And there is no coaching class that will give you a guarantee that you’ll get through IIT as it all depends on your caliber, intelligence and the amount of hard work that you put in, which will determine whether you will get through or not. Thus, banking on coaching classes is not the right stand. Coaching classes help you achieve your aim by guiding you with the best possible teaching methods, expert advice and assistance.


Crack JEE without coaching

Crack JEE without coaching

In the coming 2014 JEE Advance exam, it has been proposed that the multiple questions might be removed and subjective questions will be introduced. However, before you panic, it is still being considered after the proposal came from IIT-Bombay. This only shows that unless your fundamentals are extremely clear, you cannot really get through the seats at IIT with ease, regardless of whether you study on your own, join a regular coaching or take a self-study package to guide you through the preparation.

Although it is a known fact that online guidance with self-study material or a regular coaching class can help the students get a more structured knowledge, it is a fact that most of the students that clear IIT JEE have studied mostly on their own and their hard work is what qualified them. Thus, if you have strong fundamentals, and the right books along with it without ignoring the NCERT syllabus, you are sure to get admission in the coveted IIT.

To start with, if you don’t want to join a coaching class then you need to stay on track and divide your time judiciously between all the subjects. Start by overcoming the weak points and then concentrate of revising your concepts and other fundamentals. This will build a strong foundation for the rest of the core aspects that you will need to cover as you work simultaneously on the 12th board exams and IIT JEE entrance exams.

Make a schedule and stick to it. When you have decided to study on your own, it is best to take a well-written and concise IITJEE package that includes all of the reading material, sample questions and other relevant CDs and DVD with lectures on different topics to help you get the best information. It is best to cover one chapter of each i.e. mathematics, chemistry and physics before moving on to the next so that you are well-prepared on all subjects.

Make precise notes when you cover a subject, complete all related problems and numerical before moving on to the next subject. Getting into this habit will not only help you succeed but even when you go in for further studies, these habits will help you score well. You need to understand that even though your current goal is to get admission in IIT but when you start your undergraduate studies in any IIT, these habits will help you stay on the top.

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  1. Prachi singh says:

    so actually i am preparing from prerecorded videos and contents and online help from a webiste contents and videos are good enough to understand the topic,
    actually i am using just one website contents so any of you are preparing from the same way then can you please you share your ideas about the material i am using 🙂

    Hope for reply !!!

  2. Prachi singh says:

    Yes you can use our pre-recorded lectures and you can prepare without coaching and without going anywhere Kaysons Education is india’s first online coaching provider

  1. July 15, 2013

    \brain power can be increased. Additionally, meditation when done regularly helps to increase your focus and concentration as the mind relaxes

  2. July 20, 2013

    […] videos and pre-recorded lectures becoming the norm of present day JEE coaching, students stand to have an advantage as they can refer to them anytime they like. Unlike, previous […]

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