How to increase concentration while preparing JEE Mains

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Increasing your concentration requires time and patience but if constantly practiced, you can definitely increase concentration while preparing for IIT JEE Mains. There are numerous ways to enhance the potential and here are some effective ways to do it:

Increaseoxygen level in the brain: It is essential to have good oxygen levels in the brain for it to increase focus and concentration. Thus, being out in the open air is essential. Take an early morning walk when the oxygen levels are higher and proper blood circulation increases better blood flow.

Preparing JEE Mains

How to increase concentration while preparing JEE Mains

Take short breaks: Do not go on studying for 2-3 hours constantly. It is important to give short breaks as the brain loses the capacity to concentrate if you continue studying for hours. You can take power naps or just relax for a few minutes before start anew. This will help you build up higher concentration without brain fatigue.

Don’t multitask: When you start a few things together and end up completing none of them, you signal the brain to keep hopping instead of focusing. It is better to complete one project/chapter before starting on something new.

Yoga and meditation: There are numerous asanas and techniques by which brain power can be increased. Additionally, meditation when done regularly helps to increase your focus and concentration as the mind relaxes completely.

Hypnosis for concentration enhancement: There are numerous self0hypnotic techniques and sessions with a hypnotherapist that you can avail through which concentration can be increased. Many students prefer taking assistance with hypnosis to increase focus and strengthen the mind to study better.

Sit at the table: Don’t lounge on the bed or be too comfortable as it makes you drowsy.  Sitting straight signals the brain that you are at work while being too comfortable can lull you to sleep, making the brain switch off, instead of concentrating.

Try 5-more rule: When you are tired and ready to give up, just try the 5 more rule. Whatever you are studying or working on, do 5 more of it. Whether it is 5 more paragraphs to read, 5 more questions to attempt or 5 more pages to complete, gather the will power to complete it. This will help you stay focused longer as you continue with it.

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