How to maintain two years plan for JEE

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JEE is not like a regular exam in which your few month preparations are enough. JEE requires hard preparation of twohow to plan two years schedule years. Your two year preparation will make your success roadway. But it is not so simple; you need to maintain 2 years plan for JEE. As we know every XI and XII aspirant dreams to get the prestigious badge from an IIT but only dreaming will not do anything, a lot of hard work and firm determination has to put in to achieve your dream. The first step of your preparation is to believe in yourself and make up your mind that nothing is impossible. We have the power to fulfill our dreams; all that we need to do search out our power within us and transform your dream into reality. Some students start their preparation with full enthusiasm but after some time they become lethargic towards their studies. Don’t do like this, if you started something then do it to the end or till the time you will not get success. This is the only way to get what you want. For the JEE aspirants some needful points are below:

  • Students must keep in touché with every topic.
  • Keep focus to all the concepts and devote equal time to all the subjects.
  • Prepare notes of every topic with some highlighting points.
  • Don’t try to leave any topic or avoid any topic.
  • Keep your mind fresh for this you can take a short break after 2-3 hours regular study.

plan two years scheduleMost of the students faces problem in dealing with the time. They prepare very well but at the end all efforts are in vain due to the inappropriate time management. So manage your time well and for this these 2 years will be more than enough for you. Now let’s make a plan for all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Most important thing is that how you are following your plan schedule. Your regular and consistent study is most important for getting success in IIT JEE.  To crack IIT-JEE pre-planning is required, so if you are in the class XI or XII, it is advised that you must improve your analytical skills. So students should start working hard from the initial stage.

Aspirants now plan a daily timetable having equal apportionment of time for each subject. While studying students should invest proper time in the theory as well as on solving questions. Make sure you are solving question within time. Always start from BASICS because no building can be built without strong base. So always build up right & appropriate basics because JEE will check your basics.

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