How to prepare for JEE Advance

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As per the new Engineering entrance examination pattern that was implemented early this year,JEE Main has been spilt as two separate exam JEE Main and JEE Advance. Only the top 1, 50,000 students who qualify the JEE Main are allowed top sit for the JEE Advance. And only those who clear the JEE Advance are admitted to the prestigious IITs all over India.

When you are looking to crack JEE Advance, it is clear that you have cleared the first step of successfully passing JEE Main. The best way to start preparing for

How to prepare for JEE Advance

If you are able to get an average rank in one subject but can score well in the other two subjects, you can get the edge and clear JEE Advance. Thus, you need to study smart

JEE Advance is to ensure that your revision is completed well. It is important to revise all your notes, solve as many numerical as you can and go through all the problems that you completed during your course of study.

Revise, revise and revise- there isn’t any other option

When you start your revision, ensure that the topics that are scoring are revised first before you move on to other topics. In Physics, modern physics, thermodynamics, waves and Electromagnetism need to be studied well as these carry quite a few questions that are high scoring. Only then you should move on to other topics. Similarly when you are preparing Mathematics, start your study with coordinate geometry and calculus first and then move on to probability and complex numbers.

For Chemistry, apart from the self-study modules that you have, study the 11th and 12th class NCERT books properly as they have a good amount of information. Aim for completing the questions that score more so focus on those chapters that have a higher weightage in the Board exams. Work on a host of sample questions from the past year and keep doing as many mock tests as you can do. While there is an online question database of 30,000  online questions practice by Kaysons Education that has the most relevant questions and you can evaluate your preparation by constantly trying new questions everyday.

If you are able to get an average rank in one subject but can score well in the other two subjects, you can get the edge and clear JEE Advance. Thus, you need to study smart. Keep yourself motivated all through and keep focusing on your studies. Revise subjects well and ensure that you can get an average score in your weakest subject but do well in the other two to achieve your dreams.

Work on questions you are confident about

In the examination hall, start working on the questions that you know well and do them. Only then move on to the topics that you know less about. It is not necessary that you have to know everything but whatever you attempt should be 100% correct. Evaluate your progress constantly when you study so that you can choose questions wisely at the time of the examination. Take as many mock tests before your exam as you can.

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