How to prepare time table for JEE Main with the school

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Serious aspirants for getting success with a good Rank in the IITs understand the importance of time. They start their IIT JEE preparations as early as possible. As the JEE becoming more and more competitive, it is essential to build a strong fundamentals base. Best time to start your preparation for JEE Main is when you have covered almost 50 percent of your class XI syllabus. Deep and thorough studies of each subject are very essential.  An advanced planning will surely provide a most valuable resource i.e. your time, for the quick revise JEE main syllabus. You have enough time to make an effective time table that give appropriate amount of time for the each subject.

Aspirants generally believe mathematics and physics are difficult subjects and Chemistry is relatively simple. Sobe-positive allocate time according to your strength and weakness. For the fast track JEE preparation, rearrange your priorities and set a workable time table. You have 24 hrs in a day so divide your time equally for the each subject. Make your daily routine in which exercise time, relaxation time and sleeping time are covered. Strictly follow this time table is also very essential. Study in small sessions is always beneficial in comparison to one occasional study of long duration.

School time is the appropriate time to begin IIT-JEE preparation because both exams i.e. board exams and IIT JEE; are compliment to each other. It will simultaneously guide you for the excellent performance in the Board exams as well as in the JEE exam. This implies that the students do not need to study separately for the same subjects. They can study one class each for the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that will take care of both exams. Sometimes school studies with the JEE Main preparation may cause more stress so students need to follow fast track JEE Mains program. These programs are designed to keep in mind the essentials of Board exams as well as JEE exams. They synchronize all the important topics for both the exams. This program eliminates the opposite pressure forces on the student of successfully clearing both the exams.

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