How to Start Preparation for IIT JEE 2014?

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Securing a seat in an IIT takes patience, hard work and the right preparation. Lakhs of students appear for the exam, but only a select few are able to clear it. If you are planning on appearing for the IIT JEE 2014 exams, it is best that you do not lose any more time and start your preparations today. It is best to start preparing when you are in 11th as that gives you time to get an edge over the others. Students that start the preparation in 12th class are overburdened due to studying for the Board examinations and IIT JEE.

How to Prepare for JEE 2014

How to Prepare for JEE 2014

Revise PCM basic concepts

Start with revising the basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics because these subjects require constant practice and understanding. As mechanics, algebra and various other topics form the basis of most of the other subjects you need to study them in greater detail to get good scores. The only way to ensure that you prepare well is by constant practice of the fundamentals.

Problem solving

To crack IIT JEE 2014, regular problem solving is extremely important. It increases the mental calculations and strengthens the basic concepts which enable you to understand other topics efficiently. As IIT JEE examination is extremely complex, it is essential to be thorough with the current topic before you start with the next. Ensure that you have proper guidance from an JEE Main Online Coaching courses that gives 24/7 online support. This helps you stay on track and provides you with instant help when you are stuck.

Proper sleep and diet

While studying, a proper night’s sleep is one thing that should never be compromised. Proper rest increases concentration and focus. If you skip sleep and food for studying, your focus on and concentration studies will decrease because the brain gets fatigued. Keeping illnesses at bay is very important as you lose time when you fall sick.

Solve and practice

It is a good practice to try solving the difficult questions in Online IIT JEE Preparation course after you have been able to master the basic concepts. A systematic plan is a must while you prepare for your IIT-JEE. Make sure that you put in regular hours of study everyday. Many  students make the mistake of trying to memorize the answers. This is a wrong approach, as one should have clear concepts, and complete understanding of the formulae. It is better to have a logical approach instead of just trying to solve problems.

Having the right guidance

When you JEE Preparation, you need to have the right guidance. Time is the key; hence make sure that you take guidance from sources which do not consume a large portion of your time. Travelling and spending long hours in the classroom can be undesirable as they take up most of your time and you hardly have any time left for self studying.

It is best to have self-study material with 24/7 online assistance such as the study assistance provided by Kaysons Education with their self-study group. It is best to select a study program that provides you with constant support, online subject expert interaction, discussion forums and recorded CDs of lectures.

In a nutshell, the key points are – studying regularly, stressing on the fundamentals and ensuring that you have self-study material from Kaysons Education to guide you better.

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      Hi Mainak Mondal
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