How to study stepwise for JEE Mains 2014

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JEE is a hard-hitting exam in comparison to the other competitive exams. Students must be clear about the concepts of every subject. Experts believe that regular practice, speed with accuracy is the key to succeed at the JEE. Students need to focus on more practice and solve numerical problem. Here you will get a systematic and a stepwise approach to crack IIT JEE according to many IITians. This approach will follow the JEE fast track revision. According to this approach students must follow these steps:Study Stepwise

    • Extensive study of the physics topics like
      • Fluids, Waves and Sound, Mechanics, Optics, Electromagnetic Induction, Capacitors and Electrostatics, and Modern Physics.
    • Study important topics for chemistry like
      • Co-ordination, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical equilibrium in Physical Chemistry, Quantitative Analysis, Chemical bonding in Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.
    • Study important topics for mathematics like
      • Vectors, Probability, Matrices in Algebra, Complex numbers, Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in Co-ordinate Geometry, Limits, Functions, differentiability, Definite Integral in calculus and Application of Derivatives.
    • Prepare yourselves mentally and think like the success is to be achieved. Confidence plays a key role for getting success.
    • IIT JEE preparation is an ongoing process. It is a continuous effort and each subject must be given proper and regular time.
    • Proper guidance is required to get quality knowledge. For this prefer kaysons IIT JEE fast track revision. 

Expert’s tips for the examination hall:Dont get confused

Always prefer to attempt theoretical questions first and then go for the questions which require calculations. It is a human tendency that if anyone attempts few questions confidently in the beginning then they attempt rest of paper with positive energy. This will surely increases efficiency as well as speed to attempt rest of the paper. So it is advisable to avoid numerical questions in the first 10 to 15 minutes of the exam. In today’s competitive era, go with the kaysons fast track JEE revision to achieve a good rank in JEE.


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