How to study within less time for JEE

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Late night strugglers: 

late night strugglersAs the caliber of students are different to each other so their study time also vary with each other. Some prefer to study in early morning and some prefer to study in night. Whatever your time of study, it’s time to make suitable changes in your schedule. Quick revise JEE syllabus in the last week of the examination. Expert says 8 hours sound sleep is essential for the aspirants and should avoid studying hard on the day before the exam.To be familiar with the examination timings then try to do mock papers exactly same timings of two slots i.e. 9 am – 12 noon and 2 pm – 5 pm.

Brainstorming sessions:Brainstorming sessions

The main exam of your life is just few months away, so the brainstorming sessions are started. Don’t panic and revise each and everything systematically. Don’t pretend anything just study thoroughly.  If you planned well and stay focused, cracking IIT-JEE will not be a nightmare. The main aim of complete revision package for JEE to make your revision completed before your exams. Though the syllabus is huge so it’s quite hard to revise whole subject in one round, so make a schedule for the complete revision.

Time management:

Time managementTime management is an important factor to crack JEE Main. IIT-JEE is not a last minute preparation exam and don’t expect any miracle. Only last minute cramming will not work at all. Make an effective time management strategy for your preparations. IIT JEE is a race of time. One who deals the time factor can lead in this race. Draw a study plan timetable, and be stick over it. Monitor your progress regularly.

Sample papers:sample papers

This is the most important part of your preparations. As much you will solve the sample papers you will become a more deserving candidate for the IIT JEE. Your all effort will go in vain if you will not practice hard. So give appropriate time to solve sample papers. As we know JEE main is objective exam, so you will have to do sufficient practice. To make an effective balance between speed and accuracy solve last year papers.

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