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IIT Delhi Cut Off: Wish to get admission in IIT-Delhi below are the details of rank you need to get to secure a seat in IIT Delhi is various branches. We have got you the cut off for Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi since 2011

Computer Science and Engineering IIT Delhi Cut Off

IIT Delhi Cut offFor general Category the cut off is about 98 to 130 We can assume the cut off for JEE 2016 would be below 110 since the placement at IIT Delhi computer science has been very good this year.

For OBC/SC/ST students the ranks considered are the category rank and not general rank. Based on this we can say the for OBC the expected cut off should be below 70 while SC 30 while for ST cut off should be 18.

Computer Science and Engineering Dual Degree (M.Tech)Computer Science and Engineering Dual Degree (M.Tech)

For students who fail to get admission in CS B.Tech can opt for a Dual Degree course for 5 years in IIT Delhi. The cut of this branch for JEE Advance 2016 should be around 150-180 for general, 110 to 130 for OBC student 70 for SC and 50 for ST students.

Electrical Engineering B.TechElectrical Engineering

This is the 2nd most preferred branch in IIT-D. With embedded technology, Internet of Things and 3D printing their is a lot of scope in the future. Our advice to student is to opt for this branch rather that computers since 5 years down the line it will help.

Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech)


This is one of the oldest branches of engg. As per the table we can expect the cut off for JEE Advance 2016 for Mechanical Engg. in IIT Delhi to be 800 for general for OBC 400 for SC 130 ST 60.

Electrical Engineering(Power)

Electrical-Engineering(PoweCut off for JEE 2016 is expected to be about 900 for general for OBC about 550 for SC to 310 for ST to 100

Chemical Engineering

Chemical-EngineeringB.tech in Chemical Engineering Expected cut of for JEE 2016 in IIT Delhi to be as follows General 1700 for OBC 1100 for SC the cut of should be 600 and for ST it should be around 330.

Production and Industrial Engineering

cut-off-Production-and-InduExpected cut for JEE advance for admission to production and Industrial Engineering in IIT delhi for 2016 is 1900 for general, 1300 for OBC, 800 for SC and 458 for ST.

Civil Engineering

Civil-EngineeringCivil Engg for IIT delhi the cut off for this branch is increasing every year we can expect the same this year for general category the cut off should be 2200, for OBC 1000 for SC 350 for ST 70.

Engineering Physics

Engineering-PhysicsExpected IIT Delhi cut off for Engineering Physics should be 2200 for general 1500 for OBC for SC students it should be 800 while for ST 400.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical-Engineering-2The expected cut off for Chemical Engineering for JEE 2016 should be 2400 for general for OBC 1500 for SC 800 while for ST to be 400.

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Biochemical-Engineering-andThe Expected cut off for IIT-D Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology should be 4300 for general category round about 2500 for OBC 1400 for SC and 700 ST

Textile Technology

Textile-TechnologyExpected cut off for JEE advance 2016 for IIT Delhi in Textile Technologies should be 4700 for general 2500 for OBC 1300 for SC and 740 for ST.

If you have any doubts in mind regarding cut off or admissions to IIT Delhi please mention it in the comment below so that we can provide you the solution. If you think we missed out on any branch please let us know so that we can update the list. If you wish to know the more about eligibility for JEE.

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