IIT JEE 2014 – Start Early and Practice Daily

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As it is one of the most difficult engineering entrance exams to clear, IIT-JEE 2014 requires constant practice and dedicated study to crack. It is said that if you try, nothing is impossible; similarly, keep yourself motivated and be confident in your abilities to clear JEE.

As per the new format, only those candidates that have qualified in the top ranks in the IIT-JEE Mains will be allowed to appear in the Advanced level. One of the qualifications for sitting for IIT-JEE is to pass the 12th class board exam with a minimum of 60% for general category and 55% for reserved categories.

Thus, now you have double the responsibility of working for your IIT-JEE exams and studying for your 12th board exam so it is best that for your IIT-JEE 2014, you need to start early and practice the problems.

However, it is not helpful if you just join a course; you will need to stick to the schedule and make sure that you work hard and practice daily so that you do not waste time while in the examination. Some important points to remember are:

  • Set time limit when you practice questions everyday. You will learn to work quickly and improve your problem solving abilities.
  • It is important to do at least 40-75 problems of mathematics, chemistry and physics problems everyday. Start working on each subject independently but simultaneously study for them all.
  • Before starting on solving numerical and problems, it is best you can revise the fundamentals and the theoretical concepts that are involved in specific chapters.
  • Analyze and revise the problems that you have done. Self-assessment is important as you can check where you have made mistakes and learn from them.
  • Stay a step ahead of the rest. Most of the serious contenders for IIT-JEE work on over 80-85 problems a day so set our own targets and stick with them. Do as many as you can but stay with your schedule everyday.
  • It is best to streamline your thought process and think logically instead of becoming nervous on seeing the questions in the exam. Learn to build up your answer step by step and that can only be done when you study everyday.

Though it is best if you join a good IIT-JEE coaching program, such as Kaysons Education that include home-based study material through DVDs and CD, online assistance of subject matter experts and constant monitoring and mentoring programs by ex-IITians. That is why joining a coaching program can be of assistance as they have planned lessons, helpful tips, fixed time limits on test modules. All of these are important when you think about the fixed time exams that you will be required to complete within 2 to 3 hours. That is why quick thinking, fast calculations and time management all through the practice time is important.

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